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While you wait for us to get our campaigns together, please consider signing these petitions to bring The Secret Circle back to the CW network or on other networks, to like and join groups on Facebook. We’d love to see over 5,000 signatures or more on each. Share the links to these on twitter, facebook, and tumblr and also invite your family, your friends to join even if they didin't watch the show. We need to be as loud as possible and we need to prove that there is a fan base out there willing to support this show on any network. Finally, on Twitter, trend the following keys so that the producers consider our request. And don't hesitate directly contacting the CW.

Please don't give up! Our fight won't make the CW change its mind in a week ; it will be a long path. They are only willing to see if we give up ; our movement must not stop, or else they would see this as desinterest.

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Also not forget to trend the followings as much as you can, retweet and do all you can. Examples : #SaveTheSecretCircle - #SaveTheCircle - #TSCFamily - etc.

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