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The Secret Circle Project is a project started by fans on This project has fans writing their own season two in hopes of showing the networks (CW, ABC Family, MTV, Syfy, etc) that even if fans can make an amazing season two, think about how great the real writers would make it. A couple of very talented and amazing fanfiction writers have got together and put their hard work into this project.

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NOTE: due to all of our writers returning to school we switch from updating every week to every other week.


Note: This is a trailer created by a fan of our second season. The actors that appear there may be some of our OC, like the Balcoins.


The Secret Circle Project - Trailer



Summary: Summer is coming to a close in Chance Harbor and has been pretty quiet for the circle besides some changes in their lives. That's about to change as John Blackwell's other children come to town. What do they want? What are they after? Can the circle stand against them without Diana?



Summary: Diana is back! What better way to celebrate then an unsupervised sleepover at Cassie's house. According to Faye nothing, but this party is going to get more then a little wild. In fact it's going to get down right dangerous.



Summary: Diana's powers are not working right? What's wrong with her? Did someone do something to her? And what exactly are Dylan and Claire up to?



Summary: Faye is hurt and no one seems to know why. She's not telling anyone and Jake is sure it's the Balcoins. What will happen between them? And what exactly does Jake's magial vial do?



Summary: Adam has been a mystery to Faye and now he's coming clean. He is going to tell Faye everything. What exactly is going on with Adam? How will Faye take it? Will she understand?



Summary: Diana has been horrible to Cassie and Cassie can't stand much more of it. It's times for these sisters to work things out and with something new happening between them they might just have to.



Summary: Faye and Adam are in this together now as they try to find out what the skull wants. Will Jake have something to say about the amount of time Faye is spending with Adam? And will Cassie and Diana finally give the Balcoins a chance?



Summary: To get away from the drama of Chance Harbor, Faye and Adam head up to her Grandfather's lakehouse for the first time since his body was found. But more secret are found at the old lakehouse and what happens at the lakehouse stays at the lakehouse right? Back home Melissa, Cassie, and Diana have another run in with Mr. Sanders. Will they find out what he is up to or will the run in give them more question then answers. And what are the Balcoins doing hanging around the abandoned house?



Summary: The word is out, what happened at the lakehouse did not stay at the lakehouse. The news of Faye's and Adam's relationship has hit the other members of the Circle hard, some more than others and this news leads to revealing of a secret. Will the Balcoin's finally get their family book? And if so what does this mean for the Circle?



Summary: The Balcoins have their family book and they have a plan, but will they be able to execute their plan with Adam and Faye ready to steal the book from under their noses? Meanwhile Diana, Cassie, and Jake decide to do some investigating on Mr. Sanders, will they uncover the truth or will all the sneaking around be for nothing?



Summary: Now that Faye and Adam have the Balcoin book of shadows they have the power and resources to execute their plan. But when the rest of the Circle finds out what Adam and Faye have done what extremes will they go to to stop their two ex-circle members? And will they get their in time?


Note - Release is this season two fanfiction midseason finale.


Summary: Melissa and Jake are both panicking as none of the Balcoin siblings will wake up. Jake turns to Dawn who in turn calls Patrick who goes home to find a worried Melissa and unconscious twins. While Jake, Melissa, Patrick and Dawn join forces to save the Balcoins, both Faye and Adam are getting to terms with what the spell may have actually done.



Summary: The skull is alive and it has a name: Balcoin. What does that mean? Faye and Adam are about to find out as Balcoin explains. Meanwhile, at the Blake House, Diana and Cassie are still in their comas and Dawn is determined to wake them up. Also, Melissa has some explaining to do to her dad and step-mom.



Summary: The Balcoin's dark magic is gone and to find out what happened all six Balcoin siblings agree to work together. What will happen now? And what exactly does Sanders have anything to do with this?



Summary: it's showtime, fashion showtime that is and Diana, Cassie, and Melissa are walking the stage, but when Adam and Faye get bored what Chaos will they cause.



Summary: The Balcoin siblings have been getting along just fine with each other since they lost their dark magic. Will one little piece of information ruin all that? Is this new alliance done for?



Summary: Cassie is going off on all the Balcoins and Diana finally decides it's time to do something. What will happen between these two sisters?


Note: sorry for the delay with this update but some of our writers were affected by Hurricane Sandy and we had no choice but to delay.


Summary: Diana and Cassie make up, but when they see Kate and follow her will it destory everything? 



Summary: The Balcoin siblings are having a hard time with harnessing their light magic and Sanders has the perfect solution for that. Also, its the anniversary of Nick's death and the painful memories cause some problems. Will the relationships between the circle deterirate further?


Faye has had enough of being pushed around by Adam and she retaliates in a way that could change everything. Melissa gets attacked by Balcoin, putting to test her new Nidaros powers. Dawn makes a decision with lasting consequences, much to Faye's dismay.


Balcoin's diabolical master plan has been revealed, prompting the Circle, the Balcoin siblings, and Nicholas Sanders to join forces against the greater threat. Could they prepare for the coming battle in time or will their differences keep them from winning? And what exactly is the big revelation Sanders has to tell Melissa?


The season finale has finally come! As Samhein approches our witch warriors take their only opportunity to defeat Balcoin before its too late. Balcoin versus the Circle! The Circle versus Adam! Sandersversus Balcoin! Half siblings versus Balcoin! It's all out war!

Also, what new secret is Faye hiding? What life changing choice will Melissa make? And lastly, what's up with Grant? READ TO FIND OUT!