Sara Armstrong
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  • Female
  • Deceased
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  • Suffocation
  • Student
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"I'm worried that the Circle is falling apart."
— Sara Armstrong.

Sara Armstrong was the wife of Richard Armstrong and the mother of Jake and Nick Armstrong. She perished in the Boatyard Fire that occured sixteen years ago on the same night as her husband

Sara was a member of the Armstrong Family.

Early  Life

During her teens (or early twenties), Sara Armstrong married Richard Armstrong and had two sons, Jake and Nick. Because of Jake's age in comparison to other members of the current Circle, Sara and Richard likely married before any of their other counterparts.

She was also involved in a Circle of witches that included members from the Blake Family, Balcoin/Blackwell Family, Chamberlain Family, Conant Family, Glaser Family and Meade Family.

On the night of the Boatyard Fire, Sara and her husband went to the boat to discuss a truce between the Circle and a group of Witch Hunters. While her husband Richard was ademant about the truce being necessary, Sara was unsure because of how divided the group was. However she eventually agreed because she wanted to protect her children.

After agreeing to the truce, Sara witnessed her husband being murdered by Eben, a Witch Hunter Leader. Unlike the others who had agreed to the truce, Sara was not killed directly by the Witch Hunters, but rather taken to the room where the ritual on John Blackwell was being performed, place where she saw Lucy, a non-circle member who she recognized and embraced. It is possible that Sara was left alive because she had been hesitant about the truce or because her magic was needed to perform the ritual against Blackwell.

It is likely that Sara was the only witch in the Circle to actually die because of the fire itself rather than trapped by the witch hunters.


She appeared to be a very caring witch, affectionate with her husband, concerned for her children, and genuinely distressed about the conflict within the circle.

Physical Appearance

Sarah was blonde, with a youthful appearance, indicating her age to been late teens/early twenties at the time of her death. She has a slight resemblence to Cassie, indicating that they could possibly been distant relations.


Season One

Notes and Trivia

  • Unlike all the other female members of her Circle, Sara gave birth to two children. Because of the age of Jake, it is likely that she was the first among them to be married as well.
  • She had a similar attitude to Diana about "the Circle falling apart" and ironically this factor lead to Sara's early death.
  • She is likely the only Circle member to perish as a result of the actual fire.
  • In the article about the Boatyard Fire she was listed as Mary Armstrong and her husband as Douglas Armstrong.
  • She was the last to die of all the ones who died that night from the Circle and the only one to die of the actual fire.


  • Sara Armstrong and Lucy Gibbons on the night of the Boatyard Fire
  • Sara and Richard Armstrong kissing on the night of the Boatyard Fire
  • Sara and Jake Armstrong Touching Through Window