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Samuel was a Witch Hunter and an old acquaintance of Jake Armstrong. He came to Chance Harbor with a message for John Blackwell and news on Eben's next move.


Early life

Very few things are known about him, except that he was a friend of Jake Armstrong while they were serving together as Witch Hunters.

Sacrificed and coming to Chance Harbor

Samuel was being chased by Witch Hunters as he was trying to deliver a message to John Blackwell, to warn him that Eben was resurrecting Demons. He tracked Blackwell by finding Jake and ended up in Jake's House. At first, Jake thought Samuel was thieving and started to fight him off, but Cassie came and used her Dark Magic to knock the Witch Hunter out. She then asked Samuel why he was here and tied him up. When Samuel was talking with John Blackwell, he revealed the witch had also tried to resurrect Demons sixteen years ago, in order to get their help in defeating the Hunters. Later, Samuel followed John Blackwell to the woods to stop the demons from coming back to life, but John had guessed Samuel already had been sacrificed and had a demon inside of him. Blackwell tricked him by drawing a mystical circle around him, imprisonning the possessed young man inside of it. As the Circle arrived, Jake accidentaly broke the circle around Samuel and the latter was therefore released. Cassie tried to set Samuel on fire, but she failed and he attacked her. Finally, John Blackwell stopped and killed Samuel by making him explode.[1]


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