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Royce Armstrong is a witch and an Elder. He is the father of Richard Armstrong, the father-in-law of Sara Armstrong, and the grandfather of Jake Armstrong, and Nick Armstrong, Royce is described by many of Jake's relatives to be a crazy old man.

Royce is a member of the Armstrong Family.


Royce Armstrong is described as the powerful, yet recluse grandfather of Jake Armstrong, and Nick Armstrong. He was considered as a crazy person by many people including his son, daughter in law, Jake, Cassie and Faye. Jake said that in his parents' funeral. Royce said something about we are all be dead. Upon coming out of hiding, he reveals some disturbing new conspiracy theories about the events that occurred sixteen years ago and how the present day Circle is involved. He believed that what John Blackwell really wanted from the Circle is children so they can pass down Dark Magic from generation to generation and tilt the balance between power, which could cause Good vs Evil. He also revealed that he hides his Crystal at an old mine where no human eyes could see and will prevent witches with dark power from coming in. He made suffocating spell so if any dark magic witches come in they won't be able to breathe. Royce Armstrong lived in a small house that seems to be full of papers, research about Balcoin and Dark magic.



Royce is an elder who is describe as a crazy old man by many people. His theory about Blackwell is confirmed to be true but base on his many researches he seems like an expert at this as Cassie realized his theory about "The Other Blackwell Child" was right when she had a "Epiphany about" Diana being her half-sister.

Royce's research

He is calm down by Jake when he tries to attack him, Faye and Cassie. He's overjoyed to see Jake, but he is heartbroken when he's informed of Nick's death by his grandson. He states it too late being in the circle will kill them implying he was one of Elders who strongly supported these who survived the Boatyard Fire get their powers stripped. He has knowledge A lot on the Circle's history and is showed cynical as he hidden his crystal in a mine, which he spelled so witches with Dark Magic couldn't get in such as Cassie Blake, and Diana Meade. This spell help Cassie realized Diana Meade is her half sister all thanks to Royce's theory. Royce appears to be a highly intelligent man with hinting he may have Aspergers as he has show some of the traits such Jake implying Royce is bit of "recluse" whereas people with Aspergers have trouble in social situations and the fact that he been carefully studying the Last Circle's children for the past 16 years as to discover which one was John's other child and was right about John faking his death which the other Elders dismissed it. He's seen to care for Jake as they're both the Armstrong last living members in the circle. Royce cares for his grandson Jake alot which shown in episode Family when he sent a message that the other Four Balcoin children will come to Chance Harbor. He also sent Jake an odd object that looks like a bracelet with white beads in it.

Physical appearance

He has gray hair and beard, tall and wear clothes with many layers.

Powers and Abilities

Despite the fact that many of his abilities have not been shown from what we have seen he is a very powerful witch. Even without the aid of any crystals he was able to easily push a pool table with magic to send it towards Jake, Faye, and Cassie. He was also able to spell the mine where he hide his crystal with a barrier type technique that can repel those with dark magic. That is huge considering those we have seen with dark magic so far are able to easily overcome powerful spells.


Jake Armstrong

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Royce wasn't too close to his grandson Jake due to his obsession with his conspiracies. He met Jake who came for his family crystal. He hugged his grandson before they parted ways. Eventhough they are far apart he seems to care for his grandson which shown in epsiode Family when he sent Jake a message about the upcoming of the other Balcoin kids and an unknown object that looks like a bracelet containing a some sort of bottle with white beads.


Season One


  • Royce Armstrong is the fourth Elder that appeared in the series.
  • The actor, John De Lancie, acted in Charmed as an Elder named Odin. He also Played Q in Star Trek The Next Generation