Richard Armstrong
General Information
  • Male
  • Deceased
Cause of Death

Exsanguination from slit throat

Killed By
  • Student
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Richard Armstrong was the husband of Sara Armstrong and the father of Jake Armstrong and Nick Armstrong. He was murdered by Eben, leader of a group of Witch Hunters, with whom he was trying to make a truce with the night of the Boatyard Fire sixteen years ago.

Richard was a member of the Armstrong Family.

Early Life

During his teens (or early twenties), Richard Armstrong married Sara Armstrong and had two sons. He was also involved in a circle of witches that included members from the Blake Family, Balcoin/Blackwell Family, Chamberlain Family, Conant Family, Glaser Family and Meade Family. Because of Jake's age in comparison to other members of the current circle, Richard and Sara likely married before any of their other counterparts.

On the night of the Boatyard Fire, Richard and his wife went to the boat to discuss a truce between the circle and a group of Witch Hunters. While Sara was unsure about the truce, because of the division of the Circle, Richard believed it was necessary, and was likely involved heavily in negotiating it before that night.

Just moments after Sara agreed to the truce, Richard was murdered by Eben, a Witch Hunter who he was previously aquainted with and called by name.


Richard appears to have had a protective and strong willed personality. It is possible that he resented John Blackwell for some reason, as he was quite annoyed that his wife and others seemed swayed by him. Among all, Richard seems to have valued family most. It is possible that his determination to protect his family with the truce prevented him from suspecting it was a trap.

Physical Appearance

Richard had brown hair, with an athletic build and a strong jaw. His youthful appearance, indicates that he was in his late teens/early twenties at the time of his death. Despite their differing hair color, both of his son's Jake and Nick resemble him closely.


Season One

Notes and Trivia

  • Unlike all the other male members of his circle, Richard had two children. Because of the age of Jake, it is likely that he was the first among them to be married as well.
  • He and his wife were the only couple to both perish in the fire, despite the fact that Diana, Adam and Faye all had two parents on the boat.
  • In the article about the Boatyard Fire he was listed as Douglas Armstrong and his wife as Mary Armstrong.
  • It is unknown if the Aunt and Uncle that raised his children was related to him or his wife. It is also unknown if they are witches.
  • His father, Royce Armstrong, is one of the currently existing Elders.
  • He is assumed to be one of the oldest members of the Circle as he was not enrolled in High School anymore.


  • Richard and Sara Armstrong kissing on the night of the Boatyard Fire