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The Secret Circle
Season 1, Episode 1
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September 15, 2011


Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson


Liz Friedlander

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Pilot is the first episode of season one of The Secret Circle, and the series' first episode overall. In its original broadcast, the episode was watched by 3.05 million viewers.


After a sudden family tragedy, Cassie Blake moves in with her grandmother in Chance Harbor, Washington, the town where her mother lived years before. Cassie quickly starts to learn from her new classmates that there things about her past that she never knew about—like the fact that she and her new friends are all witches, and they want Cassie to join them in creating a new generation of the Secret Circle. As Cassie starts to unlock her new powers, she uncovers a dark side to her abilities and soon comes to realize that with her new found destiny comes a level of danger.



Cassie is run off of the road by another driver on the way home which leads to a flat tire. Unknown to Cassie, her mother, Amelia Blake, is about to see the last of this world. A stranger is outside of Cassie's residence playing with matches as a fire breaks out in the kitchen inside. Cassie loses her mother in what she believes is an accident.

One month later, Cassie, still dealing with her mother's death, is moving to her grandmother's house in Chance Harbor. Cassie meets her new friends during her first day of school: Adam Conant: a handsome boy who seems to have this pull to Cassie, Diana Meade: who is Adam's girlfriend and the leader of the group, Faye Chamberlain: a young and all around rebel, Melissa Glaser: Faye's sidekick, and Nick Armstrong: her next door neighbor.

Unknown to Cassie, this group of kids make up a coven of witches, and try to pull Cassie into the mix so they can all experience the full effects of their magic. They call this the Circle and is only at its best if Cassie joins. Cassie does not warm up to the experience when Faye tries to draw out Cassie's powers by lighting Cassie's car on fire with magic.

Cassie ponders whether she will join them or not, and all while dark secrets surface such as Diana's father, Charles, is the man that was outside Amelia's house. Along with these secrets, Cassie is revealed to be more of a puppet for the adult generation of witches that were thought to have sworn off witchcraft after a bad accident long ago.


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Amelia: "My sweet Cassie, I didn't want you to have this life, but destiny is not easy to run from."

Faye: "So you're the new girl."
Cassie: "Yeah, that's me."
Faye: "You're very pretty."

Adam: "I saw you at school today. How was your first day?"
Cassie: "It's not over yet. I'll get back to you."

Faye: "Adam's a hottie and he really does go with the sad delicate type."

Cassie: "This town, it's freaking sideshow."

Diana: "We're different, you're different."
Faye: "Oh for God's sake, spit it out! You're a witch. You're a full-blooded, hundred percent witch. We all are. There, done."

Cassie: "This is beyond crazy."

Faye: "Don't pretend you don't believe us. Deep down you know it's true."

Diana: "I believe we can do great things with our power. It doesn't have to be bad, but we have to control it."

Diana: "You can't make it rain just 'cause you want it!"
Faye: "Yes, we can. We can do anything we want!"
Diana: "No, Faye!"


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A Heavy Abacaus The Big Roar The Joy Frmidable Buy
We Won't Run As Day Follows Night Sarah Blasko Buy
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Notes and Trivia

  • This episode was watched by 3.05 million viewers.
  • The pilot episode was filmed during March 24, 2011 and April 5, 2011
  • The pilot episode was released on iTunes a few days before the series premiered.
  • Amelia Blake is the first being, witch, and female to die in the course of the series. She is killed in a fire created by Charles Meade.
  • Jake Armstrong is the only main character that didn't appeared in the series premiere.
  • In the original pilot script, Doug was part of the seven-member coven of witches which the pilot focused on. He was a football player who was bumped from up from third-string to starting quarterback thanks to the coven's powers. In January, The Vampire Diaries showrunner and executive producer Kevin Williamson was brought in to rewrite Miller's script and soon the project was picked up to pilot, but Doug was no longer in it.
  • Melissa is the only main character up to this point that does not exist in the books, but is loosely based off of Deborah Armstrong, Melanie Glaser, and Suzan Whittier.
  • Cassie's mother dying never happened in the books as she plays a supporting role in the entire book series. Kevin explains at Comic Con that “they had already decided to kill her,” but that he came in and re-wrote how it happened to connect the story by killing off her mom.
  • Faye summoning the storm could be a reference to the novels where Black John also summons a storm to New Salem. In both versions, Cassie plays a role in stopping it.

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