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Phoebe Tonkin
General Information
Full Name

Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin

Birth Date

July 12, 1989

Birth Place

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Faye Chamberlain


Season 1

Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin is an Australian actress and model. She is best known for portraying Cleo Sertori in H2O: Just Add Water, Fiona Maxwell in Tomorrow, When the War Began, Faye Chamberlain in The Secret Circle, and Hayley Marshall in The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off series The Originals.


Early life

From the age of four, Tonkin participated in various dance classes including classical ballet, hip-hop, contemporary and tap. She completed various courses at the Australian Theater for Young People (ATYP) at the Wharf Theater from the age of twelve, including Shakespeare, Script to Stage, Clowning Around, and Musical Theater. She attended Loreto Kirribilli and Queenwood School for Girls in Balmoral, renowned for its excellent drama department and had private drama classes. She became involved in all school productions including Antigone, White Crane and Venetian Twins. Each year Tonkin took part in the school's Shakespeare festival culminating in winning the state final in 2005 in a Midsummer Nights Dream.


Tonkin's first television appearance was on the Australian teen show H2O: Just add water, where she plays one of the main characters, Cleo Sertori. While not a strong swimmer, she worked to improve her abilities during pre-production of the show. She is the youngest member of the principal cast on the show. On 20 October 2007, Tonkin appeared on the Nickelodeon UK Kids' Choice Awards, where she presented the award for best band alongside H2O co-stars Claire Holt and Cariba Heine. Tonkin's credits include appearances on the Australian series Packed to the Rafters and the film Tomorrow, When the War Began. She has appeared in various commercials, including ones for Vauxhall Motors and Chic Management. Tonkin also models, and has been in various photo shoots for catalogs and magazines such as Girlfriend.


  • H2O: Just add water (2006-2010)
  • Packed to the Rafters (2009)
  • Tomorrow, When the War Began (2010)
  • Home and Away (2010)
  • The Secret Circle (2011-2012)
  • Bait 3D (2012)
  • The Vampire Diaries (2012-2013)
  • The Originals (2013-present)


  • While she was not a strong swimmer, Phoebe worked hard to improve her abilities during pre-production of H2O: Just Add Water in preparation for the role of Mermaid Cleo Sertori.
  • Britt Robertson and Phoebe were roommates while filming on The Secret Circle.
  • Her role as Faye Chamberlain is credited as one of 2011 Breakout TV Stars. She was also featured on Variety's list of new faces to watch.
  • Phoebe Tonkin is the third actress to play both a witch and a mermaid. The first would be Alyssa Milano of Charmed, when she was turned into a mermaid for two episodes. The second is Sara Paxton, who was the mermaid Aquamarine and then she starred as Marnie Piper in Return to Halloweentown.
  • Sister show The Vampire Diaries' Claire Holt used to play along Phoebe in H2O : Just Add Water. The two of them also happen to be best friends.
  • When the show got cancelled, producer Kevin Williamson declared he wanted to write her in the "sister show" The Vampire Diaries, or in his other brand new show The Following.
  • She was rumored to play an young pre Wonder Woman Diana Price in a unpicked up CW pilot called "Amazon" which would detailed the character's origin story however it wasn't picked up due to a development of a Solo Wonder Woman movie that debut in 2017.

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