Mortals are humans that possess no inherent magical abilities.


Witches are humans that possess a biological affinity to use and practice magic. Mortals are described as humans not born with an inherent ability to use magic, though few mortals such as Eben and Lee Lebeque have been shown to practice magic by drawing upon external sources (Ex: Channeling the power of another witch and/or practicing Voodoo), whereas witches channel magic from an internal source.

Whereas if two witches produce children the offspring will always inherent magical power, if a witch and mortal come together and produce a child, there's only a 50% chance that the child will inherit the magical genetics required to use magic.

Notable Mortals


  • The term "mortal" was coiled by the producer of the show, Kevin Williamson. Although in the show's context, it is used to describe someone without any magical or supernatural powers.
  • Mortals are referred to as "Outsiders" in the novels. However, it is unknown if this is a general term used by all witches, or if only the Circle uses it to refer to the inhabitants of New Salem.