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Luke was a hot jock who asked Cassie Blake to the school dance in Loner. It was later revealed that he was actually a Witch Hunter. He was also a formerly close friend of Adam Conant.


Early life

Luke came from a family of witch hunters and was raised to believe that all magic is "evil" and that witches needed to be killed to stop them from hurting others. At some point he was assigned to go to Chance Harbor and investigated the possible mystical activites there. It was revealed he befriended Adam Conant in order to acomplish that goal.[1]

Hunting in Chance Harbor

When he first saw Cassie, he seemed interested in her and Adam encouraged him to ask her out. While on their date, the Circle had to deal with Zachary Larson, who was threatening Cassie's life. Because of this, Cassie ignored him during their date, causing him to tell her he couldn't be with her until she sorted out her life.[2]

Weeks later, on Halloween Night, Faye invited him to Cassie's party and he accepted. In reality, Luke and other witch hunters were planning to attack the Circle. Luke kidnapped Cassie while the others were captured by other witch hunters. In an abandoned part of the Harbor, they intended to kill the Circle by using witch cruids. After a fail attempt on Diana, Luke tried to kill Cassie. She however stopped him by using unknowingly her Dark Magic, making him be burnt alive.[1]


Notes and trivia

  • Both times he had been set up with Cassie were for ulterior motives. First by Adam to protect his and Diana's relationship, and then by Faye to stop Jake from pursuing Cassie.
  • He wore exactly the same mask as Adam did on Halloween Night, which made Cassie think it was Adam in front of her.
  • He was the first person to be killed by Cassie.