Lucy Gibbons
Lucy Gibbons
General Information
  • Female
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Exsanguination from slit throat
Killed By
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"I have always been on the right side, and it has never been yours."
— Lucy Gibbons to Dawn Chamberlain. [src]

Lucy Gibbons was a powerful psychic who shared an important connection to Amelia Blake and John Blackwell. It was revealed that though she was John Blackwell's own psychic, she was also a traitor, working in the shadows with the Witch Hunters. She was killed by Eben after she failed to make the Circle powerless.


Early life

In her youth, it is highly suggested Lucy was living in Chance Harbor, and maybe attending the town's High School, as she was shown to have a strong connection to the Circle's members. She was also John Blackwell's own psychic, as said by Dawn Chamberlain. At some point however, the Circle had some issues with Witch Hunters, and some of its members wanted a truce with the hunters. Meeting at the Boatyard, where Lucy was present too, the truce was in fact a trap organized by Witch Hunters, aiming to kill the Circle and John Blackwell. Once again, as said by Dawn, Lucy betrayed the Circle on that day, not warning them of the threat of such a meeting, and therefore the witch marked her, so that she would know if she would come back in Chance Harbor.[1][2]

Physical Appearance

Return to Chance Harbor and Death

Years later, after she felt Cassie Blake changing the psychic imprint of the events of the Boatyard Fire by visiting Jake Armstrong's memories, Lucy warned the Witch Hunters Cassie knew what happened on that day and that Blackwell was alive, so Eben sent her to Chance Harbor so that she would find a way to weaken them. So, she returned to Chance Harbor and met Cassie at her house to warn her that the Witch Hunters were coming back to kill her. Cassie later went to Lucy's motel room to asks her about the Balcoin Medallion and how to use it. Lucy answered that to be used, the Medallion should first be unlocked, and she convinced Cassie and her Circle to perform a ritual to supposedly activate the Medallion. Before the ritual, Lucy, who had previously been threatened by Dawn for what happened sixteen years ago, came to the Chamberlain house and stabbed Dawn with a knife, leaving her laying on the floor. She arrived at night in the woods, where she was supposed to meet with the Circle, and helped them start the ritual. However, feeling something wasn't right, Cassie stopped the ritual and scared the psychic with her dark magic , threatening her never to come back, and before Lucy ran away, she asserted John Blackwell was indeed alive. In the end, as she failed to bring back the Medaillion and to weaken the witches, the Witch Hunter Eben killed her.[2]


Notes and Trivia

  • Lucy is the first and only psychic to appear on the show.
  • Lucy was the only person in Jake Armstrong's memories who could see and interact with Cassie Blake. She also attempted to make Cassie leave the part of the events where John Blackwell was being executed and burned, to prevent her from learning John Blackwell had survived.
  • She, Henry, Heather and Samuel all died in the first episodes they appeared in.