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"Be careful Charles, you have a good heart. But you're weak. You gave into temptation and you always have. Come out of the darkness. Otherwise you'll be lost to me. To Diana. To yourself."
— Kate to her son. [src]

Kate Meade is a witch, the mother of Charles Meade and the mother-in-law of Elizabeth Meade, as well as the legal grandmother of Diana Meade. As an Elder, she returned to Chance Harbor, Washington to investigate her fellow Elders' sudden decline.

Kate is (possibly) a member of the Meade Family.


Early life

No much is known about Kate's early life except that she is the mother of Charles Meade, who entered a Circle involving the Salem Original families that settled in Chance Harbor after the Burning Times. She was also among the Elders who stripped of their powers the survivors of the Boatyard Fire, with among them Charles.

Season One

In Darkness, Kate arrives in Chance Harbor to investigate Henry Chamberlain's death and Jane Blake's neuroligical issues, as well as checking if Diana was feeling better since her break-up with Adam Conant. Kate arrived on the Meade House doorstep and was warmly welcomed by her granddaughter. After discussing with Charles and Diana, she left to discuss with her son's surprising date, Dawn Chamberlain. Perfectly aware something is going on in Chance Harbor, she quickly suspected Dawn and Charles to be involved with this. Kate threatened Dawn not to mess with her son and told her she would find out what she was up to. When Diana introduced her grandmother to Cassie Blake, Kate soon sensed Cassie's Dark Magic. Seeing
Cassie was troubled, she told her that there is a way to purge her of it. She went in the woods with Cassie to perform a ritual that would use Nature to cleanse Cassie's Evil. But it turned out this ritual would kill Cassie, who would be burried deep into the ground. After trying to kill Cassie, Kate left Chance Harbor. However, before her departure, Kate revealed to Charles she was testing Cassie's power, which she admitted was strong enough to tip the balance between Good and Evil. She also told him she wouldn't contact the other Elders, as she knew Charles was also involved in Henry's death and Jane's sudden mental deterioration.


In Family, Kate return to Chance Harbor, Washington to help Charles Meade and Dawn Chamberlain. Because she and the Elders had stripped the surviving members of previous Circle's magic and had it destroyed, Kate decided give her magic to Charles and Dawn Chamberlain. After Charles sacrificed himself to stop Eben by taking the demons inside and drowning himself, Kate retrieved his body and performed a spell sigil to seal demons inside him.

Powers and Abilities

Kate displayed to be an extremely powerful witch. She was able to detect Cassie's dark magic, she also appeared to be able to read magical imprints; like when she knew her son Charles was involved in Henry's death and Janes demise. Kate tricked Cassie into believed that she knew of a ritual to extract the dark magic out of her. By using Cassie's blood, the death tree, mother earth's sigil, she linked Cassie to the branch and knocked Cassie out. Kate was capable of using her magic to move the earth, and burry Cassie alive in a wooden box. She also had knowledge in transferring a witches power from one person to the other, and she had great knowledge of demons; as she helped her son keep the demons he drew into himself sealed inside his body.


Charles Meade


Main Article: Charles and Kate

Kate has a loving relationship with her son. She would get worried about his obsession with power. She knew about his involvement in Jane's memory problem and Henry's death. Kate help Charles in Family by giving her power to save his step-daughter (Diana) and trap the demon from Charles.

Diana Meade

Main Article: Diana and Kate

Kate and her granddaughter Diana shared a very close bond. Kate originally returned to Chance Harbor to investigate the sudden decline of Elders but also after Diana emailed her about her breakup with Adam. Diana told Cassie that her grandmother was a very smart witch and there is nobody she trusts more. However, Kates attempt to kill Cassie dissapointed Diana.

Cassie Blake

Main Article: Cassie and Kate

Kate met Diana's friend Cassie Blake. She attend dinner with Cassie and talked about Jane and Henry. Kate knew that Cassie has dark magic and offered to help her be rid of it. She tried to kill Cassie while she is buried to test her powers. Kate realized that Cassie is the one who can tip the balance between good and evil.

Dawn Chamberlain

Main Article: Dawn and Kate

Kate was against Charles having a relationship with Dawn. She learn from Diana that Dawn is dating her son. She came to see Dawn about her and Charles. She would find out what Dawn is up to. During Family, somehow the two got closer, Kate was nicer to Dawn, too. Kate gave Dawn her power to rescue her daughter, Faye. (Dawn said, "Thanks" in return)


"It's like High School all over again. He has always had a crush on her."
— about Charles dating Dawn Chamberlain.

"Girls don't tell their father these things."
— about Adam and Diana's break-up.

"Why are you involved with Charles?"
"I like him."
"Non sense. All those years growing up you never even gave the time a day."
— to Dawn.

"You had a habit of using people and then tossing them aside. I won't let you do that to my son."
— to Dawn.

"For darkness to be destroyed, the Earth must bleed it from you. And you have to die."
— to Cassie.

"She's the one we've been waiting for. Strong enough to tip the balance between Good and Evil."
— about Cassie.

"Don't insult me, Charles. I'm not stupid."
— to Charles.

"Blood doesn't define a family. You have loved that beautiful girl since birth and so have I."
-to Charles about Diana.


Notes and Trivia

  • It has not been confirmed if Kate's family surname is Meade.
  • Kate is the third Elder that appeared in the series.
  • Kate is one of the three only surviving elders we know, the others being Melissa's grandmother and Jake`s grandfather, Royce Armstrong.
  • She was last seen putting Charles Meade into a catonic state.
  • Kate transferred her magic to Charles and Dawn, meaning she is powerless. However, considering she was able to put Charles into a catatonic state, it is possible she still has her power.