Effect Manipulate water
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Alignment Good

Hydrokinesis is the ability to create and manipulate water, in many various ways.


Hydrokinesis is the ability to manipulate water and wield it in various ways and for various purposes. One with this ability could control bodies of water and bend it to his/her will. Creating water out of thin air instead of pulling water from an existing body is a hydrokinetic ability. In a witch's case, it is a naturally occurring and common power, and does not necessarily require a spell to use, similar to telekinesis.


Known Users


The power to manipulate and create ice is a variation and sub-element of water. One with this power could create, harness, and absorb ice in various ways. This power was demonstrated once in the episode Fire/Ice by Faye when she stole the Circle's power with the help of Lee.


Water Levitation Spell

A drop of water, as light as air
is a spell that allows a caster to levitate water droplets. This spell was used by Cassie and Adam in the forest.

Signa Spell

This spell was used by Charles Meade to threaten the life of Ethan Conant by nearly drowning him from the inside. This power was also used in the episode "Witness" When Ethan Conant stole the crystal from Charles Meade after Ethan did the same spell that made Charles vomit water out of his mouth.

Freezing spell

This spell was used by Faye to freeze a girl's punch glass, causing it to shatter during the Fire/Ice dance after she used magic to steal the Circle's power to preform individual magic. It does not require an incantation.



  • Water is presumed to be Adam Conant's predominant element, possibly making him strongest with it.
  • Phoebe Tonkin's "H2O: Just Add Water" character, Cleo Sertori, had this power.