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Holden Glaser is Melissa Glaser's cousin and was interested in Diana Meade.

Holden is a member of the Glaser Family.


Early life

Not much is known about Holden's early life except that he had already came in Chance Harbor and met Diana during the summer.

Return in Chance Harbor

Holden returned to Chance Harbor, Washington and attempted to reduce his cousin's depression after her boyfriend Nick Armstrong died by filling her life with fun and laughter. He also met Diana for the second time and the two seemed to have a mutual attraction. He, Diana and Melissa were helping out for the preparation of the upcoming gala organized by Dawn Chamberlain and Patrick Glaser. He also danced with Diana during the party.[1]


Melissa Glaser

Holden is Melissa cousin and would visit her once in a while. He came to help Melissa after she lost her boyfriend Nick and tried to cheer her up.

Diana Meade

Holden met Diana once when he was in Chance Harbor. Diana had a crush on him during that time. He met Diana again and the two would be close. During the Gala, he danced with Diana.


Notes and Trivia

  • Balcoin is the only episode where Holden appears as for now.
  • It is unknown whether he is from Sophie Ann's side or Patrick's side of the Glaser family and whether Melissa's grandmother is his as well.
  • It is unknown if he is a witch but it is quite possible as both Patrick and Sophie Ann were witches themselves.