Henry Chamberlain
General Information
  • Male
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Magically induced heart attack
Killed By
  • Retired
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Character Information
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"There was a time for witchcraft; that time is long gone!"
— Henry.

Henry Chamberlain was a witch and the father of the late Thomas Chamberlain, the father-in-law of Dawn, and the grandfather of Faye Chamberlain.

Henry was a member of the Chamberlain Family.

Season One

After receiving a call from Ethan Conant about Charles Meade using magic against him, Henry began to investigate the problem in Bound. After he discovered the truth about Charles and Dawn having located a magic crystal, while witnessing his daughter-in-law resurrecting Sally Matthews, he demanded that she handed it over and threatened to tell "The Elders". Afraid of the consequences, Dawn used the crystal to kill Henry by making him having a a heart attack.

His body was found at the end of Masked by Jane Blake , visiting him since she hadn't had any news for awhile. She tried to resurrect him with the crystal she took out of its hiding, but Charles attacked her and took the crystal.

In Beneath, we learn that Charles put Henry's body into the lake so that no one would find him, but with the help of Henry's energy taking the shape of Faye's memories, Cassie was able to find his body laying beneath the end of the bridge. Before Cassie discovered the body she did magic by taking her hand right above the water and it was bubbling up then Henry's body shown which makes Cassie gasped and Faye started crying when she knew her beloved grandfather is dead.


Faye Chamberlain

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Henry was very close to his granddaughter. He saved Faye when she was drowning in the lake. He came to visit her while on business.

Dawn Chamberlain

Main article: Dawn and Henry

Henry blames Dawn for his son's death. Henry came to investigate Charles and he accepted Dawn's help. He witnessed Dawn with a crystal. He was killed by Dawn before he could tell the elders.


  • In Beneath, his energy took the shape of Faye's memories and lead Cassie right to his body. Following what Jake said, this happened since he wasn't killed the right way.
  • Henry was the second Elder that appeared in the series, and the first to be killed.