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Heather Cecilia Barnes was a friend of Amelia Blake and Zachary Larson. She used to date Zachary in high school.


Early life

Back in High School, Heather was a friend of Amelia and Zachary Larson's girlfriend. But when Amelia started spending more and more time with her Circle, the two others started to worried about her. One night, Heather followed Amelia to a meeting with the Circle at the Boatyard, but she got possessed by a demon, named Abaddon despite the fact Amelia tried to fight them off. To prevent the possessed Heather to harm people, Amelia helped her by sealing the demon with a sigil, leaving her friend in a catatonic state.[1]

Freed from the sigil and death

However, sixteen years later, Amelia's daughter, Cassie Blake found out that Heather was in a coma since the events of the Boatyard Fire and to learn more about it, she tried to free her from the spell. Upon investigation, she found the spell in the Blake Book of Shadows and asked Faye Chamberlain for help. While it was initially believed that Amelia had done it maliciously, upon reversing the suppression spell , Heather woke up with a strange and aggressive behavior. When she reached Cassie's house, she told her "the evil got inside her" that night and that Amelia had helped her by putting it asleep. Few minutes after, the demon took over Heather's body, attempting to kill Cassie and Faye. When the Circle arrived to help, Heather fled and got hit by a car. Thinking it had killed the Demon, the Circle felt saved.[1]


Notes and Trivia

  • She is the first character to have an episode named after her on the show.
  • She, Lucy, and Samuel all died in the episode they were introduced in.
  • In high school, she was on the student council with Amelia and was in "yearbook and volleyball and about a million other things."