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Grant sailed into Chance Harbor, Washington on an impressive yacht in the episode Lucky. He is described as good-looking, preppy, spontaneous, playful and confident. Said to be the life of any party, this worldly bon vivant is a breath-of-fresh-air. He is Diana Meade's boyfriend.


In Lucky, he constantly tried to flirt with Diana, who told Melissa she couldn't date a "normal guy". Melissa, however, advised her to see where he would lead her. Later, he attended the Casino Night and talked with Diana. With what he earned, he bought two toy monkeys and offered one to Diana. At the end of the night, she asked him when he was leaving, and answered tomorrow. Diana then kissed him. Grant, happy, told her he would come back soon. As he started to walk away, he took a quick glance at Diana as she was getting in her car and smiled.

In Sacrifice, Grant returned to Chance Harbor and asked Diana for a date at the skating rink. However, it was later revealed Grant lied to Diana about who he was to impress her, and she told him to leave her alone, since she couldn't deal with liars. Fortunately for Grant, Diana decided to give him another chance.

In Crystal, Grant asked Diana for a date in the boat which his captain let him borrow for a day.Diana said yes, but because of the circle's problems Diana acted suspcious to Grant. Finally Diana said she couldn't go since the circle has an emergency problem which she couldn't tell Grant that she is a witch, but tell him she will spend a day with him and explain everything. Grant told her there might be no come back for him, because he is going tomorrow and he is unsure if he will come to Chance Harbor again.

In Prom, Grant was at the coffee shop, and they started a conversation. Grant asked Diana if they could have dinner, though Diana declined because of the Prom, though she insisted that they could do it afterwards. When Diana found out that her dad killed Amelia, she panicked and went outside crying desperately. Grant came and attempted to calm her down.

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Notes and Trivia

  • Grant shares his name with Faye's father in the books.
  • Played by Tim Phillips, he is the third Australian actor to star in The Secret Circle.
  • Before this, Phillips was on Once Upon A Time and starred as Prince Thomas/Sean Herman aka Cinderella's Prince.