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Power of fire have I over thee! Power of darkness have I over thee. Power of night have I over thee!
— Faye invoking her power against Black John [src]

Faye Chamberlain is a half-protagonist/half-antagonistic character of the Secret Circle series.

Faye is the only child of Grant Chamberlain and Mrs. Chamberlain. In the novels, she is Diana Meade's first cousin, and is constantly portrayed as being the darkness to Diana's light: not only in looks, but also in temperament and beliefs. While Diana believed that magic should only be used for good, Faye saw it as a means to an end, and is not above blackmail to achieve her goals - she used Cassie to steal the Crystal Skull and to become leader of the Circle by threatening to publicly expose Cassie's secret love for Adam.

Faye's desire for power and a possible sexual interest in Black John eventually led her to turn her back on the Circle and join him, but when Cassie forced her to realise that she was losing her independence and her personal identity (which she prized most) because of his influence, she turned her back on him at the final confrontation and helped the Circle to banish him to oblivion.

Because of her imperious looks and her prideful temperament, she was portrayed as Hera, the Queen of the Greek Gods, in Diana's art prints.


The novel Faye is portrayed as an ambitious, greedy, and seemingly evil girl who is not above blackmail to achieve her goals.


Faye is a tall, voluptuous, and strikingly beautiful young girl with a mane of pitch-black hair, perfect creamy sun-kissed skin, and bright golden eyes. Unlike Diana, who preferred light colours and whose sense of fashion is mature and elegant, Faye preferred dark colours, and her sense of fashion is provocative and dramatic, always serving to set off her figure and her colouring to full advantage.

Powers and abilities

  • Power over darkness, fire and night
  • Animal Communication


The Secret Circle (TV Series)

In the television series, Faye was portrayed by Phoebe Tonkin.

Unlike in the novels, however, she is not Diana's cousin, and she does not use cats to spy on Cassie, but she wants power as much as her novel-self does. She did not worship John Blackwell as in the novel, and only reluctantly trusted him, and respected him only for his power.


  • The Initiation
  • The Captive
  • The Power
  • The Divide
  • The Hunt
  • The Temptation


The Initiation

  • “Now let me see, what shall we do to start this year off?  I feel like something really wicked.”
  • “Last year," Faye said, “we were only juniors.  This year we’re seniors – and we’re wicked.  As wicked as we wanna be.”
  • “Well, then," Faye said.  “Now that you’ve heard our story, we have just one question to ask you.”  She fixed Cassie with an odd half smile and she said in a sweet, false voice, “Are you planning to be a good witch or a bad witch?”

The Captive

  • And then came Faye’s lazy drawl: “I think it was a tremendously devoted thing to do.” 

The Power

  • “And that’s it?” Faye exploded.  “Everything’s alright now, all sweetness and light?  Everybody loves everybody and you’re all going home holding hands?” 


Faye lives at Crowhaven 6.

Faye drives a Corvette ZR1

Faye has two pets: two orange cats.

Faye's working crystal: Star Ruby.