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That's my Circle out there. Tell me how to stop it or I'll use this power to turn your life into a living hell.
— Faye to Lee [src]

Faye Chamberlain (born February 25, 1995) is an eccentric and free-spirited Witch, she is the daughter of the late Thomas Chamberlain, and Dawn, the granddaughter of the late Henry Chamberlain, the girlfriend of Jake Armstrong, the ex-girlfriend of the late Lee Labeque, the best friend of Melissa Glaser, and a member of The Chance Harbor Circle.

Faye found out about her magic sometime before Cassie moved to Chance Harbor, Washington with the help of Diana and the others. Out of all the Circle members, Faye is the one with the most ambition and is always searching for more power, and when she gets it, uses it recklessly and selfishly. She often challenges authority, especially Diana's, who she thinks doesn't deserve to be the leader of the Circle. She did not want the Circle to be bound initially, until her powers nearly killed someone because of it. However, she's still looking for ways to get her solo magic back. When the Circle was unbound by the destruction of the family Crystals, Faye got her solo magic back and immediately began enjoying it with her best friend, Melissa.

Faye is a member of the Chamberlain Family.

Early life

A photo of Faye as a child.

Cassie: "There's a picture of her in your grandfather's study. Who is she?"
Faye: "She's ... me."
— Faye talking to Cassie about a photograph from her childhood.

Faye was born on the 25th of February in 1995, to Dawn Chamberlain and Thomas Chamberlain, who she never met as he died in the Boatyard Fire .[1] Despite her lack of a fatherly figure, she was close to her grandfather, Henry Chamberlain, who saved her from drowning at the age of six at his own Lake House .[2]

In her teens, Faye began a romantic relationship with Jake Armstrong, however, the two broke up. Faye suffered so much heartache from this break up that she was almost put into an asylum.[3] Sometime before Cassie Blake arrived, Faye found out she was a witch and, with the help of Diana who discovered her Book of Shadows, learned about the Circle history.[3]

Discovering Cassie

"Oh for God's sake, spit it out! You're a witch. You're a full-blooded, hundred percent witch. We all are. There, done."
— Faye reveals the truth to Cassie. [src]

Faye and Melissa recklessly using magic in science class.

Faye met Cassie at Chance Harbor High School during Cassie's first day there. She introduced herself with Melissa. Cassie was later taken to the Circle's base where Diana was reluctant to tell her the truth, but Faye hardened the blow by bluntly stating that Cassie was a full-blooded witch. With the Circle complete, Faye took full advantage of its full potential, creating a powerful storm, which she was unable to stop. It was, however, stopped by Cassie. Faye later continued to abuse magic, until Sally's near death, which made it obvious to the group the Circle had to be bound. After it was bound, Faye found it difficult to cope with not having solo magic anymore, especially to protect themselves, after Zachary Larson and Abaddon attacked the Circle.

Nick's death, Jake's return, and Henry's death

Henry's magic sends a message to Faye.

Faye: "You're a one-woman relationship wrecking crew!"
Cassie: "And you are a bitchy, spoiled little girl who wants to blame me for all of your problems instead of just looking in the mirror."
— Faye and Cassie argue over Jake.[src]

After the death of Nick, his older brother Jake returned. Faye took the opportunity to hook back up with him, however, she was rejected. Faye continued to try and rekindle her relationship with Jake, but was unable to do so. While at her grandfather's house, Cassie found her grandfather's body under the docks. Faye was heartbroken over his death, but her mother was not upset in slightest.

Lee, Devil's Spirit, and temporary retirement

Faye: "Tell me more about this Devil's Spirit thing."
Callum: "Just a non-addictive verbal enhancement, but it has special properties. It can open up your mind, free you from inhibition."
— Callum tells Faye about devil's spirit.[src]

The syphoning totem.

Faye found on the internet Lee Labeque, a voodoo practitioner, hoping to get help with a spell that would help her get her powers back. He agreed to perform it, however, the spell failed. Faye continued to stay in touch with Lee, who came to her with a solution on how to steal Cassie's Dark Magic at the Fire and Ice Dance. Lee performed the spell, giving Faye her own power, however, it did not take Cassie's power, and was only killing the other members of the Circle by stealing their life force. She accidentally set the gym on fire, threatening everyone's life, and quickly undid the spell. This caused a break between her and the Circle, since she felt they gave Cassie a "free pass", whereas she's "burned at the stake".

Faye met a man named Callum, who sent Lee to fetch some Devil's Spirit, which he then told Faye about, even giving some of it to her. She organized a party at her house for Valentine's day, but the party quickly got out of hand when Melissa had an overdose of Devil's Spirit and had a seizure and vomited. While Melissa was at a party at Callum's despite what had happened to her some days ago, Faye discovered that Lee used a totem he had given her on Valentine's Day to syphon her energy. Angry, she faced him, but he admitted his love for her by breaking the totem and saying they would find another way, they then passionately kissed and began dating officially. She later discovered Eva, Lee's ex-girlfriend, had awaken from her coma and was living at Lee's house when she invited him to Casino Night. Lee chose Faye over Eva and the two shared another passionate kiss.

After she noticed Lee was been missing, Faye went to his place to talk to him, but Eva always pushed her away and tried to cover things up. She came again during the night and discovered Eva had powers. Faye guessed that it was the power that Lee had taken from Faye so she told Eva. Eva asked Faye for help, admitting she had unwillingly killed Lee after the Casino Night. Faye tricked her into thinking she could help so she could break the totem. When it was done, Eva lost the power and it was returned to Faye. Faye left, telling Eva she could not revive Lee.

The Quest for the Crystals

Faye discovers that her mother and John Blackwell had a short-lived relationship.

"Well, she practiced writing 'Dawn Blackwell' about a thousand times. Let’s just say the rest was rated NC-17."
— Faye, about being the other Blackwell child. [src]

After the Circle met Samuel, they learned the Witch-Hunter Eben was willing to release demons to get rid of all witches so they tried to stop him. However, they were too late; while Samuel was keeping them busy, Eben managed to release all the demons and take them into his own body before running away. The Circle, influenced by John Blackwell, agreed to gather the family Crystals in order to fight the witch hunters off, for once and for all. First trying to find one her mother could have hidden after Henry's death, she found out Dawn and John secretly dated. When Royce Armstrong claimed Blackwell wanted children from the former Circle, Faye feared she could be his daughter and tried to unlock her possible dark magic to stop Callum, but she failed. Confronting John about it, he told her Dawn used to be very imaginative and obsessed and told her she was really Tom's daughter.

After Jane's surprising death, Faye and Jake discovered a Crystal in Dawn's purse and brought it to the Abandoned House, where it was stolen by a traitor witch, working with the witch hunters. Along Cassie, Diana and Jake, Faye went to an old carnival to get it back.

Faye enjoying her solo magic back.

During 2012's prom, Faye, along with the rest of the Circle, went to the school to look for the last Crystal. However, after the Circle chased Nick down to a junkyard, she stayed behind John Blackwell to help him, and supposedly sacrificed herself to save him, before she was captured by Eben. While held captive, Faye was tied to a pole inside the hunter's base. After the circle had been unbound, Faye used her solo magic to escape her imprisonment. She ran into Melissa and Jake, who had come to rescue her, but ended up being captured again. The three of them were rescued by her mother, and after the defeat of John Blackwell, she started using her magic for fun again.


Faye has a very complex array of emotions, mostly maintaining her tough, overconfident, and arrogant, girl attitude in front of people and bottling her emotions up inside of her. She is able to maintain a normal attitude even under stressful situations, such as being in a room with a dangerous drug dealer with a knife. Yet, she has a heart and sometimes cannot bear the emotional burden of some events, such as after her break-up with Jake or when she discovered her grandfather was dead or else when the Circle ganged up against her (correctly) accusing her of being reckless, unconscious, dangerous, and mostly bitchy.

According to Adam this isn't the first time she almost killed someone, and the rest of them had to clean it up. At the end of the day, though, she appears to be caring, nice, and loyal towards her Circle, her mother, and others she cares about. She also appears to have inherited traits fom her parents, such as being brave, emotionally strong, and determined.

Like her mother Dawn she is power-hungry, but unlike her mother she will not willingly kill innocent people to get it, she doesn't like being inferior to people, and is jealous of Cassie, because of her dark magic, that allows her to use magic, outside of the circle, she is also rude, selfish, impulsive, never thinks before acting first, never thinks everything through, never thinks of the consequences and is sarcastic, when she temporary had the Circle's magic, she abused it and almost burned down her high school. 

Physical Appearance

Faye is a beautiful girl with olive toned skin, hazel green eyes, and long, dark brown hair which she wears straight. She has fine cheekbones and full lips, which are pale pink. She is tall, standing at 5'7. She was once referred to as "one of the prettiest girls in school" by a jock and even Callum said she had a nice smile. She often wears dark makeup, dark colored clothes, and usually wears a leather jacket, boots, and goth-like dress or skirt.

Powers and Abilities

Over the series, Faye has displayed an impressive and very powerful use of both Solo magic and Circle magic. Before her circle was bound she was capable of opening locks with a single thought, set cars on fire, and produce powerful storms (implying an affinity for both atmokinesis and electrokinesis), although she couldn't stop it when it got out of control. It is also worth noticing that her telekinetic powers were strong enough to violently push Sally Matthews for several meters and the speed was so fast that  her head cracked when it collided with the rocks; thus killing her. That’s quite exceptional considering that after the binding ceremony even the complete circle could not replicate such a feat, thus suggesting Faye’s telekinetic powers were superior on their own and indicating the raw power she holds inside. Faye probably had the most strength and control when it came to Telekinesis out of anyone in her Circle.

After the circle was bound, she lost her individual power, much to her dismay but that didn't stop her from searching for new ways of getting her power back or performing capable use of circle magic. When Abaddon was possessing Melissa, she was able to combine her powers with those of Adam and Diana to overheat the knife the demon was holding.

Due to her Chamberlain lineage, she was able to connect with the residual energy of her dead grandfather that was trying to contact her. It is also worth mentioning that she displayed an affinity for Cryokinesis when she temporarily recovered her powers due to a Voodoo ritual during the Fire/ice dance and apparently that is both a hard elemental power to master and the elemental affinity of Faye's Mother, thus implying that she inherited the power affinity from her Mom.

Faye is possibly the fourth most powerful witch in her circle.

  • Channeling: The act of drawing or summoning other forms of energy, by focusing on the magic of another witch. 
  • Conjuration: The act of calling, commanding, or summoning an element, object, person, or spirit already in existence.
  • Elemental Control: The act of controlling or manipulating the elements of air, earth, fire, water, and weather. Though not proven false or accurate, witches are believed to possess an unique affinity to particular elements which grants them greater mastery and control when performing.
  • Spell Casting: The act of changing and controlling events by magical influence. Spells are the most common method exerted by witches to focus their magic. Spells can range from simple commands to a series of words.
  • Telekinesis: The act of controlling and manipulating the movements of objects and persons.
  • Witches Brew: The act of brewing and concocting magical elixirs and potions that contain mystical properties.


Main Article: Faye Chamberlain/Relationships

Dawn Chamberlain

Main article: Faye and Dawn

Faye grew up without a father and has only been raised by her mother, her model, which makes Faye and Dawn are really similar on some points, such as their determination. Despite the fact they can argue sometimes, the two seems to really care and to be there for each other when it's needed.

Jake Armstrong

Faye jake traitor.gif
Main article: Faye and Jake

Faye and Jake used to date before he left Chance Harbor, they broke up after he broke her heart. She still had feelings for him though. When he became close to Cassie Blake, she became jealous, but later came to accept that Jake has feelings for Cassie. She claimed to be over him after they slept together. But later on she tries to interact with him as often as she can. Ever since Prom, both seem to admit their love for each other.

Lee Labeque

Faye Threatens Lee.jpg
Main article: Faye and Lee

Lee used Faye to make his ex-girlfriend return from the dead. But he fell in love with Faye. They at times had really sensual scenes. When Lee's ex-girlfriend did come back from the dead, he found out that he loved Faye.

Melissa Glaser

Main article: Faye and Melissa

Faye and Melissa are best friends and hang out together more often. Faye became her best friend when Diana was seeing Adam. Faye and Melissa care for each other and even help one another through troubling times. She would often tell other people like Nick to be nice to Melissa.

Other Relationships



  • Faye is derived from Middle English faie meaning "fairy", such as in the popular Arthurian figure of Morgan Le Fay.
  • Faye is also the English form of the old French Foy, meaning "faith" (from the Latin 'fides'). Sainte Foy was a French martyr who lived in Agen, in 300 AD.
  • Her last name, Chamberlain, is an occupational name for one who looked after the master bedroom, from Norman French cambre "chamber, room".


Notes and Trivia

  •  Phoebe Tonkin has held various roles of supernatural beings in recent times: as a Mermaid (Cleo Sertori in H2O: Just Add Water) on Nick, Witch (Faye Chamberlain in The Secret Circle) on The CW, and a Hybrid (originally Werewolf ) (Hayley in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals)
  • Aside from being a witch, the actress Phoebe Tonkin, who portrays Faye, also played a mermaid in the Television series H2O: Just Add Water. Many references have been made about this role. For example, in Bound Faye mention she didn't want to "save turtles" and ironically her former role Cleo saved a turtle from a net. In Beneath, Faye had a near death experience when she fell into the lake when she was a little girl and Cleo had previously a minor case of aquaphobia. Last, both characters had surprises in their bathtub scenes. Also, in both shows, there is a character named Eva.
  • The actress, Phoebe Tonkin, was the first Australian actress to be casted on the Secret Circle and sometimes you can hear her slip up and talk with an Aussie accent.
  • Faye has appeared in every episode of the series.
    • She makes a remark about Diana practicing her Aussie accent as a reason why Diana isn't with the group at one point during the episode Traitor.
  • In Crystal, Royce Armstrong has Faye's birth date listed as February 25, 1995 on his conspiracy wall. Faye's birthday was already known to the fans since Loner, when Faye told the circle her mother's computer password.
  • Despite the fact that Faye was highly suspected to be John Blackwell's daughter, it was revealed she was not in Crystal. She was also the first one to mention this mystery child in Lucky.
  • Faye often makes jokes or assumptions that end up being true, like when she guessed that John Blackwell was really evil, had another child, or said that the curse on Adam and Cassie's families wasn't real. Ironically, her frenemy Cassie had had the gift of precognition in the novels.
  • She is the only circle member whose mother is still alive.
  • Faye and her current boyfriend Jake Armstrong are the only two circle members to be seen as young children on the show.
  • Faye was originally one of Cassie's enemies.
  • Her zodiac sign is Pisces (February 22 to March 21). Pisces's symbol is the fish, its element is water, and its ruling planet is Jupiter/Neptune. Pisces is most compatible with someone who is either Cancer or Scorpio.
  • Faye has a complicated relationship with her boyfriend Jake Armstrong.
  • In the novels Faye worked best with the element fire.