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"You used to say we would grow old together. That's how it has to be."
— Eva to Lee, just before she killed him. [src]

Eva is Lee Labeque's ex-girlfriend who was stuck in a drug-induced coma before Lee used Faye's powers to release her from it.


Early life

Not much is known about Eva's early life except that she used to practice Voodoo and was Lee Labeque's girlfriend, before she fell into a coma when she overdosed on Devil's Spirit.[1]


After several attempts, Lee Labeque finally succeeded in awakening his old girlfriend Eva, by using a Voodoo totem which connected her and a witch, Faye Chamberlain.[2] However, it didn't only transferred lifeforce, but power too, as Eva was revealed to have powers she didn't before. Upon her return to life, Lee had already fallen in love with the witch whom he was stealing energy from. Trying to hide it from Eva, Lee went to a party with Faye. Eva however discovered the truth and when her boyfriend told her he chose Faye, she killed him, making him grow old quickly with her new found powers.[3] Suspicious about Lee's sudden disappearance, Faye tried to sneek out into his house to see if he was there, but Eva told her to stay away. Later learning Faye was the witch who she got her power from, Eva revealed the truth about Lee's death and begged her rival to help her resurrect him. However, Faye was unable to do this and tricked Eva into performing a fake ritual, before she broke the totem, and rendered Eva powerless again.[4]


Eva was previously known as a sweet and demure girl, as well as loving. However, after she awoke from her coma, she seemed to have a few cracks in her personality.


Lee Labeque

Main Article: Lee and Eva

Eva fell in love with Lee. During her coma, Lee has been taking care of her. She awoke from the coma and sees Lee. She tried to rekindle her relationship with Lee though Lee has fallen in love with Faye. She killed Lee using Magic. She kept his body around and would try to revive him.

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Notes and trivia

  • Eva's white magic came from the totem that Lee gave to Faye that stole Faye's white magic.
  • She is known as 'smelly pony' according to Phoebe Tonkin's tweet.
  • Eva killed her boyfriend Lee in a fit of rage. Ironically, the name Eva means "Giver of Life."
  • She likes jasmine tea.
  • She doesn't get along with her parents and considered Lee her only family.
  • When Eva got Faye's magic it was individual, but Faye's wasn't.