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"Bad things happen when you mess with fate."
— Ethan to Cassie Blake [src]

Ethan Conant is a witch, the son of James Conant, the husband of Catherine Conant and the father of Adam Conant, as well as a former member of the Chance Harbor Circle.

Ethan is a member of the Conant Family.

Early life

Ethan used to love Amelia, but she loved John Blackwell instead. So, Ethan married Catherine and had a son, Adam. Ethan and Amelia were involved in boatyard fire, he gave Eben powers to kill John but also to kill the other witches including his wife, but he didn't know about Eben's plan of killing the other witches. Right after his wife's death John Blackwell's supposed death and Amelia left Chance Harbor, Ethan became an alcoholic while still raising his son Adam.

Season One

Ethan, despite being a frequent alcoholic, he owns and successfully runs (and bartends) the Boathouse Bar and Grill in Chance Harbor. His son, Adam works there as a waiter. Due to his sobriety issues, Ethan begins to converse with Cassie about things that are initially meant to be kept secret and speaks with her about how the Blake and Conant family are "written in the stars". Charles Meade becomes afraid that he will say too much to Cassie and threatens to kill him with a Signa Spell, nearly drowning him.

Upon his arrival in town, Henry Chamberlain converses with Ethan, and he asks him about things in Chance Harbor. Ethan tells Henry about Charles' attack, insinuating that both Dawn and Charles have found a way to practice witchcraft again. This leads Henry to investigate, and ultimately to his death (by heart attack) at the hands of Dawn.

Ethan appears to be trying to clean up his act and stay sober. When he was drunk during Nick's wake, he told Diana about Cassie and Adam being destined to be together, causing Diana to break up with Adam and made the latter be really mad at his dad.


In Witness, when Cassie was in Jake's memories, she saw Ethan. It's implied he brought witch hunters on the boat so that they would help him get rid of John Blackwell, Amelia's lover. However they also killed everyone on the boat except him, as he slipped out the backdoor while John Blackwell faked his own death. When Cassie tells Adam about the endeavor, he can't believe her since his father told him he was never there that day. Meanwhile, Ethan seems to become power crazed when he steals the crystal from Charles. In Lucky, Adam asked him what happening in the boatyard fire which Ethan refuse to tell and told Adam not


to let the past get between Adam and Cassie. At school, Ethan stabbed John in Cassie's sight and he ran until Cassie used her dark magic to stopped and nearly kill him until John stopped her. John confronted Ethan about giving Eben power to destroy the circle, he wanted it to be Blackwell. John kept Ethan's secret if he kept what he did to John and what Cassie nearly did a secret. He revealed that Amelia was involved in John's attempted death so he and Amelia could be together like Adam and Cassie (Although this could be ruse she told Ethan to protected the unborn Cassie Blake at the time and didn't want be with Ethan since their "fated" love was "cursed" unknown to Ethan at the time). John then told him in return that the Blake's and Conants written in the stars is not only fate but is also a curse.

In Curse Unaware of the multitudes of dead birds outside, Cassie and Adam revel in their post-coital afterglow. Blackwell is the first to discover the birds. Cassie is afraid her dark magic killed them, but Blackwell seems to already know they slept together, and that their togetherness is what caused the bird massacre. He says the curse has been activated, a curse that prevents their families from joining bloodlines. That’s what drove Cassie’s mom Amelia from Adam’s father, Ethan. Dawn confronts Blackwell – there is no curse after all. Blackwell orchestrated the whole thing with his magic and he’s driving them apart because he’s afraid of their destiny. He tells Dawn that Amelia and Ethan wanted out of their circle, which would have left the rest of them vulnerable. He also brings up the witch hunters and that they must be working with a witch to use magic.


Catherine Conant

Ethan and Catherine got married after Ameila rejected Ethan and his love for her. After Ethan's marriage to Catherine they had a son called Adam.

Adam Conant

Ethan's Son

Main Article: Adam and Ethan

He and his son Adam has a fine father and son relationship despite his drinking. He would tell his son about how he and Amelia were written in the stars and that Adam was meant to be with Amelia's daughter Cassie. There relationship took a turn for the worst when Adam and Diana broke up because of what he said about Adam and Cassie's destiny. He later apologized to Adam about coming between him and Diana. He encourges Adam to have a better live than he has and to not make his mistakes.

Amelia Blake

He and Amelia were written in the stars before his son and her daughter were born. John Blackwell convinced Amelia that they were relationship was cursed, out of fear that their love would cause them to leave the Circle, this breaking their magical bond. She later ended up with John and Ethan ended with Catherine. He and Amelia were involved in the boatyard fire to kill John. He helped the witch hunter so that he and Amelia would be together. He never ended up with Amelia in the end, but he still loved her. In Prom tt shows that Amelia love Ethan, but Amelia wanted Ethan to be safe from the witch hunters.

Cassie Blake

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He first met Cassie and recognized her as Amelia's daughter. He would tell her about his and Amelia's destiny to be together and it became hers and Adam's destiny. He would try to protect her from learning about her father John. He advised John to stay away from Cassie. He kept Cassie's dark magic and her actions a secret from everyone.

Diana Meade

Main Article: Diana and Ethan

Ethan was close to Diana due to her dating his son Adam. He told Diana that its Adam's destiny to be with Cassie. Diana broke up with Adam after that. Diana would help Ethan set up for Adam's birthday party.

John Blackwell

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Main Article: John and Ethan

He and John had a rivalry over Amelia even though Amelia ended up with John. Ethan would help Eben and the witch hunters to kill John for Amelia. His actions failed to kill John but ended up getting the other witches killed. He met John again years later and told him to stay away from his son and Cassie. He stabbed John and tried to escape until Cassie stopped him. John keep Ethan's secret if he would keep what Cassie try to do a secret. He reveal that he and Amelia try to get rid of John so that they would be together.

Charles Meade

Main Article: Charles and Ethan

He and Charles use to be friends during their time in the circle. Charles would later threaten him with magic and to not say too much to Cassie. He was tricked by Dawn to get back at Charles which he did. Ethan was able to use the crystal and use the same magic used on him. He and Charles would try to behave for the sake of the kids.

Dawn Chamberlain

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Dawn and Ethan were in the same circle during their youth. Ethan got a visit from Dawn and learned from her that Charles was involved in Henry Chamberlain's death. Dawn came to get the crystal from Ethan thought he decided to keep it.







Notes and Trivia

  • Faye's mother is an alcoholic in the books while Adam's father never showed up in the books (he was dead along with Adam's mom), but Kevin Willamson made the change to the script with Ethan being alive and addicted to alcohol. In the original pilot script, he would have been killed by Charles (at this point called Thomas) due to talking to Cassie.
  • In the books, his name was Adrian. He was also the first one to distrust Black John, but for different reasons, as he noticed the coven had enough kids in quick succession for one more to make a coven. In the series, this aspect of his character was given to Royce Armstrong.
  • He was the first to mention Cassie's father's last name, Blackwell, in Wake.
  • In Lucky it was confirmed that Ethan had turned on his circle during the night of the Boatyard Fire, or before, however Ethan revealed that Amelia Blake conspired with him to kill John so that they could be together (although Amelia knew she couldn't ever be with Ethan). The Witch Hunters failed to kill John but succeeded at killing the other witches. Amelia and Ethan never ended up together and evenually she moved away with Cassie to Los Angeles to pursue a normal life. Ethan started drinking because of his guilt over the Boatyard Fire and because Amelia left him.