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"John Blackwell. You have been accused and found guilty. Have you anything to say? Admit you guilt. Confess your sins. And die with peace."
— Eben to John Blackwell. [src]

Eben was the main antagonist and a leader of Witch Hunters, responsible for the slaughter on the night of the Boatyard Fire.


Early life

Eben first appeared in Jake Armstrong's memories from the night of the Boatyard Fire which occured sixteen years ago. It has been revealed that on this night, a part of the Circle was willing to have a truce with the Witch Hunters after several "fights". However, the meeting was in fact a trap, in which most of the witches present on that day were killed, leaving their children alone. One of the few survivors was John Blackwell, whom Eben tired to kill personally. Until nowadays, he thought he had succeeded, not knowing Blackwell had escaped and survived.[1] It was revealed later on that Eben was helped by a witch from the Circle sixteen years ago, and that this witch was in fact Ethan Conant, who gave Eben the "squag", a device which could lend a witch's power to a mortal. Despite the fact Ethan wanted the artifact to be used on John Blackwell, the Witch Hunter used it on the whole Circle. It was also revealed by Ethan he wasn't the only one wanting to kill Blackwell, as he was helped by Amelia Blake too.[2]

Coming for Cassie Blake and summoning Demons

He first sent Lucy Gibbons, John Blackwell's psychic and also a traitor, to get rid of John Blackwell's daughter, who had therefore inherited his dark magic. However, she failed in stripping their powers and when she returned to him, he killed her.[3] He later came to Chance Harbor by himself and kidnapped Cassie Blake. He then spelled her to kill John Blackwell, by making her lose control of her very own will. Not knowing this, John Blackwell took his daughter back whereas Jake was being taken in exchange. While Cassie was under the effect of the Linden, the Circle saved Jake by throwing Eben on a tree and impaling him on a branch. However, he was later missing, and the Circle assumed he ran away and had mysteriously survived.[4] While John Blackwell guessed Eben was being helped by a witch, he confronted Ethan Conant and assumed the latter was not working with the Witch Hunters anymore, leaving the identity of the traitor still unknown.[2] A few weeks later, Eben offered Samuel as a sacrifice in his ritual to call upon Demons. If the latter fled, it was already too late, as a demon had already entered his body. He warned John Blackwell about Eben's move and the two of them went to the place where the Demons would be summoned. Eben there attacked Blackwell, and while the Circle and John were fighting off with Samuel, Eben was completing the ritual. By the time Samuel had died, Eben had succeeded in hosting the Demons in his body, and ran away.[5] However, working in the shadows with a witch and summoning Demons made him unpopular among some groups of Witch Hunters, and he was said to have killed any resistance. According to the Witch Hunter Ian, once Eben got the Demons, he killed Isaac who disagreed with his choices and also began to hunt his witch partner, who was revealed to be Nick Armstrong.[6] (68).jpg

Sometime later, Eben was contacted by Nick Armstrong, who had succeeded in stealing a crystal and wanted to trade the crystal for a demon, which would maintain him alive. Before the bargain could be made, Cassie arrived and took back the crystal, which angered Eben. He displayed some magical abilities to sent Cassie flying back in the air and was interrupted in his assault by John Blackwell. What happened between the two is unknown, but Blackwell told the Circle Eben kidnapped Faye Chamberlain before leaving.[7] To save everybody, Charles Meade ended up taking the demons away from Eben, then Jake Armstrong came and stabbed him. Without the demons and witch's powers, he died.[8]


John Blackwell

Main Article: John and Eben

Eben has a history with John, he at the boatyard preparing to kill John. John was able to escape the fire and Eben assumed that he was dead. Eben was going to kill John by using Cassie Blake with a spell. Their path kept crossing while John was helping the circle against witch hunters. Eben planned to use the powers of the demons against John.


"Couldn't kill you. Not without a dark colored colocasia root." (to John Blackwell)
-- Witness. (flashback)

"No John, Hell is where you're going." (to John Blackwell)
-- Witness. (flashback)

"Your father said nearly the same thing just before I slit his throat." (to Jake Armstrong)
-- Return.


Notes and Trivia

  • According to Jake, he is currently on the Council of Witch Hunters.
  • He has a scar obscuring part of his face, likely from the Boatyard Fire, which he survived.
  • Based on what was said in Traitor, Eben seems to get rid of people when they haven't use for him anymore.