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Power of stars have I over thee. Power of planets have I over thee.
— Diana invoking her power against Black John [src]

Diana Meade is a protagonist of the Secret Circle series. She is one of the three leaders of the Circle, as well as Cassie's best friend and surrogate older sister. She is portrayed as the polar-opposite of her first cousin, Faye: her beauty is light and ethereal while Faye's is dark and intimidating, and while she believes that magic should only be used for good, Faye has no qualms with abusing magic for personal gain.

Diana is the only child of Charles Meade and Mary Meade. Diana was also the long-time girlfriend of Adam Conant, but once she found out that Cassie and Adam were soul-mates, she ended their relationship so that he could be with Cassie, and gave them her blessing.


The Initiation

In the first book, Diana is portrayed as an extraordinary beautiful and popular young girl who lives with her father. She's at first often admired by Cassie from afar.

One day, she hears of Faye's mischief. She goes to the old science building and saves Cassie from Faye, Deborah and Suzan's cruel torment. She brings Cassie back home with her, later introducing her to her friends. Diana takes Cassie under her wing and the two instantly connect, becoming surrogate sisters.

When Cassie starts wondering about The Club and asks Diana if she could ever join. She responds by telling her that she doesn't want to be a part of it, since she has plans to return to California. After she and Cassie find Kori dead, she and the rest of the coven discuss in private. Coming to a decision to let Cassie join the club in Kori's place.

That night, she and the others in the coven kidnap Cassie from her bedroom and lead her to the beach. While Diana reads the incantation, they test Cassie and she passes, initiating her friend into the coven, after being interrupted by Deborah. Shortly after the ceremony, she's reunited with Adam, who returns from Cape Cod.

The Captive

The Power

The Divide

The Hunt

The Temptation


Diana is a very kind and caring girl who cares deeply for her friends and family. She has a good moral compass.

Physical Appearance

Described by Cassie numerous times to be beautiful beyond description and looking like "something from a stained-glass window", Diana's looks are as different from Faye's as day and night, though no less stunning: tall and slender, with an incredibly long cascade of straight hair the colour of which seemed to be moonlight and sunlight woven together, clear and brilliant green eyes, and naturally rosy cheeks. She also has a clear, musical voice, and pretty, slender hands.

Powers and abilities

  • Standard witch powers
    • Spell Casting
    • Witches Brew
    • Scrying
  • Power over the stars and the planets


TV Series

In the television series of the novel, Diana was portrayed by Shelley Hennig.

She was later revealed to be John Blackwell's daughter, thus making her Cassie's half-sister - replacing Scarlette whom, in the novel series, was John's other daughter.



  • Diana is often compared to her namesake, the goddess Diana, who is titled the Queen of the Witches in The Secret Circle.
  • Diana lives at 1 Crowhaven Road in a sunny-yellow Victorian.
  • Diana drives a blue Acura Integra.