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"Don't let her smile fool you. She can be bitchy."
— Faye about Dawn.

Dawn Chamberlain is a very powerful Witch and a former member of the Chance Harbor Circle, she is the wife of the late Thomas Chamberlain, the daughter-in-law of the late Henry Chamberlain, and the mother of Faye Chamberlain. After a surprise visit from her father-in-law, Henry, he discovered that she and Charles Meade had been using a forbidden crystal to perform magic, even though they had been stripped of their powers. After he demanded that she hand it over to him and threatened to tell the Elders, Dawn used the crystal to kill Henry. After Charles and Dawn fought over how to continue their quest to return their powers, Dawn wanting to kill Kate Meade to cover their tracks, she has been seen attempting to have John Blackwell help her regain her power.

Dawn was a member of the Chamberlain Family.

Early Life

Dawn was born a witch of her own Circle but her powers were stripped and destroyed by Elders after the Boatyard Fire that claimed the lives of half her Circle.

Season One

Dawn was very welcoming to Cassie Blake whose mother, Amelia had recently passed away. She is later shown to have been in on Amelia's death. She plotted with Diana's father Charles Meade to have her killed to bring Cassie to Chance Harbor to join the most recent Circle.

Henry Chamberlain, Faye's grandfather, came to visit. He found out about the Circle between Faye and her friends and wanted to put a stop to it, ending with his death by Dawn's hands. When Zachary Larson tried to kill Cassie, Dawn and Charles put a tracking spell on him and threatened him if he ever came near their children, they would kill him.

They tried the blood moon to summon back their powers when their crystal died out of energy. Nick was soon possessed by a demon and was drowned by Charles at Dawn's insistence, though he deeply regretted it afterwards.

After killing Henry Chamberlain Dawn and Charles put his body at the lake house so no one would suspect they were the responsible for his death. But Jane went to Henry's cabin for the weekend and find him dead. She searches in his house for his crystal (in the hopes of reviving him), but then Charles knocks her unconscious and grab Henry's crystal.

Dawn suggests that Charles leaves the crystal with her, but he refuses and say that this time he would be with the crystal. He put a spell on Jane so she couldn't remember what she saw at the lake house,but somehow the spell went out wrong and she starts to forget parts of her past.

In Medallion, she resents a cut on her hand. This is in fact a mark she had put on Lucy Gibbons which

Dawn medallion3.jpg
Dawn medallion4.jpg

warns of her return in Chance Harbor. She then goes to Lucy's motel to talk about redemption - because she reveals Lucy betrayed the Circle sixteen years ago ; and she suggests her to help finding the family Crystals. Later, Dawn opens her door to Lucy, who stabs her and leave, letting the ex-witch bleeding on the floor. In the end, she's saved by Charles, who got the crystal back from Ethan. In Lucky, Dawn tells Faye to behave herself at the casino night fundraiser tonight. Dawn suggests her mom

Dawn lucky.jpg

bring a date, maybe Cassie's dad. It's the first Dawn has heard that John Blackwell is back. Dawn sneaks up on John Blackwell in the hallway. He violently throws her against the wall. She immediately starts flirting with him and suggests they find a way to get their power back. John is looking for Ethan and ignores her flirting. Adam arrives and apologizes to Cassie. Cassie says that she is sorry for accusing his dad and Adam concurs. He suggests they hear her dad out. Adam walks off. Dawn bumps into Cassie and tells her that her dad is looking for Adam's father.

In Curse, Dawn tells Charles that Blackwell has visited Jane and worries that she might regain her memory.

Dawn curse4.jpg

We are reminded that Charles killed Amelia, and if Blackwell finds out, he’s sure to want revenge. They pay a visit to Jane and out comes the crystal to mind-wipe her. Dawn confronts Blackwell – there is no curse

Dawn curse2.jpg

after all. Blackwell orchestrated the whole thing with his magic and he’s driving them apart because he’s afraid of their destiny. He tells Dawn that Amelia and Ethan wanted out of their circle, which would have left the rest of them vulnerable. He also brings up the witch hunters and that they must be working with a witch to use magic.-

In Crystal, Faye and Melissa looking for a crystal at Dawn's house. Along the way, Faye finds Dawn's old journal wrapped in a silver ribbon. Faye reads that Dawn wrote down about her romance with John Blackwell and that she couldn't keep it from Tom and Amelia. Faye suggests that Dawn and John Blackwell were "secretly hooking up".

In Traitor, Faye and Jake tried easing the "pain" of Cassie's loss with Dawn's prescription pills, but all they


found in the bottle was Faye’s family’s crystal. Elsewhere, John paid Dawn a visit and asked her to keep a close eye on Charles, who was planning on leaving town with Diana. For her cooperation, John promised Dawn her powers

Dawn 4 Prom.jpg

back. He also revealed his plan to get rid of the elders. It’s clear John is manipulating the Circle to get what he wants, but we’re still not sure what his endgame is.

In Prom, Charles asks Diana if she is going to prom and gives her Elizabeth's necklace.Charles then gives Diana a ride to school. Dawn Chamberlain is outside waiting for Charles and they discussed John.


At first, Dawn is portrayed as a cunning, diabolical and power-hungry woman, who after losing her powers when her Circle was stripped of them, has been occupied with nothing but finding ways to regaining the power she once lost. She is willing to work her way through various obstacles, even innocent people, to accomplish her ends and keep other people from finding out about her schemes. She has even gone to the extent of killing her father-in-law, Henry Chamberlain, just to stop him from reporting her actions to the Elders.

As the series went by, Dawn slowly sets aside her selfish ambitions and, in the season finale, decides to regain her power in an attempt to save her daughter and her Circle. By then, she has shown a new resolve to protect her daughter from the malicious forces that seek to harm her and her Circle.

Physical Appearance

Dawn is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and light green eyes, her appearance strongly contrasts that of her daughter who has long dark brown hair and hazel green eyes.

Powers and Abilities

"Charles was many things; clever was not one of them."
— Henry to Dawn, about her inteligence on both scheming and magic. [src]

Dawn is a skilled witch who is capable of various magical feats. She was shown to use the power of a Crystal to save Sally's life after Faye accidentally injured her fatally. She has also used this power to kill her father-in-law by making him have a heart attack, similar to how Charles threatened Ethan by making him feel like he was drowning. Also, she was shown to have used a marking spell more than once in her lifetime, as she once used it on Zachary Larson and her previously casted spell on Lucy Gibbons has come into effect once she returned to Chance Harbor. Once she regained her powers from Kate Meade, her magical skill is evident, as she saved Faye, Melissa and Jake from burning to death in the Boatyard by extinguishing the scorching flames herself with a powerful blast of wind that she summoned, showing her powerful skills with Aerokinesis.

  • Channeling: The act of drawing or summoning other forms of energy, by focusing on the magic of another witch.
  • Conjuration: The act of calling, commanding, or summoning an element, object, person, or spirit already in existence.
  • Elemental Control: The act of controlling or manipulating the elements of air, earth, fire, water, and weather.  Though not proven false or accurate, witches are believed to possess an unique affinity to particular elements  which grants them greater mastery and control when performing.
  • Spell Casting: The act of changing and controlling events by magical influence. Spells are the most common method exerted by witches to focus their magic. Spells can range from simple commands to a series of words.
  • Telekinesis: The act of controlling and manipulating the movements of objects and persons.
  • Witches Brew: The act of brewing and concocting magical elixirs and potions that contain mystical properties.


Faye Chamberlain

Main article: Faye and Dawn
Dawn has a very loving relationship with her daughter and is concerned about what Faye does with herself. She used the crystal to revive Sally so that Faye wouldn't feel guilty for nearly killing a person. She feels sad for Faye when she loses her grandfather. She and her daughter are very alike in many ways.

Charles Meade

Main article: Charles and Dawn
Dawn is dating Charles so that their daughters wouldn't get suspicious about what they are doing. Dawn might be using Charles for her reasons. Their relationship became worse when Charles turned on Dawn and she turned on him. Charles still cared for Dawn and even revived her after she got stabbed.

John Blackwell

Main article: John and Dawn
John blackwell21.jpg
Dawn worshipped John during their time as witches with powers. She had feelings for John and tried to get pregnant by him at one point, unfortunately she was already pregnant by her husband. She missed John after his death and even blamed Lucy for not helping John.

Cassie Blake

Main article: Cassie and Dawn

Dawn conspired with Charles to bring Cassie to Chance Harbor by having her mother killed. She plans to use Cassie and the circle to restore her powers. Dawn welcomed Cassie to Chance Harbor High School and asked if she ever needs anything.

Diana Meade

Main article: Diana and Dawn

Dawn became close to Diana while she was in a relationship with Charles. She would hang out with Diana and the two would talk.

Henry Chamberlain

Main article: Dawn and Henry
Dawn was blamed by Henry due to the loss of his son Thomas. Henry was one of the elders who stripped Dawn of her magic. She got a visit from Henry after Ethan called him about Charles using magic. She killed Henry to stop him from telling the elders.

Ethan Conant

Main article: Ethan and Dawn

Ethan is a former member of the circle along with Dawn. Dawn came to see Ethan and would tell him about Charles involvement in Henry's death. Ethan got the crystal from Charles and Dawn would come to get the crystal though Ethan decided to keep it.

Kate Meade

Main article: Dawn and Kate

Like Jane and Henry, Kate was one of the elders who stripped Dawn of her magic. She got a visit from Kate about her relationship with Charles and she told Kate that she liked him. Kate was going to look into Dawn about what she was up to. She suggests to Charles that they get rid of Kate, though Charles refused. She and Kate kept it together while at dinner with Cassie and Diana. During 'Family' Kate Meade let Dawn use her magic to save her daughter, Faye. Dawn then replies with a sincere thank you.

Amelia Blake

Dawn has hinted that she and Amelia were good friends. She first mentions this to Cassie, saying that she knew and liked Amelia and wouldn't mind helping her daughter. In Curse, she tells John Blackwell that she knows the Blake-Conant family curse isn't real because she's sure Amelia would have told her about it. Their friendship was probably torn apart by the arrival of John Blackwell, as both were interested in him, and Jane mentions that Amelia noticed Dawn's obsessive crush on him. In the end, Dawn conspired with Charles to kill Amelia to bring her daughter, Cassie, back to Chance Harbour, so she could steal her circle's powers.






Notes and Trivia

  • She is revealed to have "worshipped" John Blackwell years ago. In the books, it was her daughter Faye who worshipped Black John (John Blackwell's book counterpart).
  • Dawn seems to have several "marks" on her hand, maybe implying she had many people marked, with Zachary Larson and Lucy the only ones known as for now.
  • Dawn and her daughter share the same main goal, as they both want their powers back. While Faye craves for her solo magic back since it has been bound, Dawn desires to find a way to counteract the stripping of hers.
  • Her daughter's birthday (2-25-95) is the password for her office computer as confirmed in Loner.
  • She tried to get pregnant with John Blackwell . However, she admits to having loved her husband, Thomas, and shows no signs of regretting having Faye.
  • She now has Kate Meade's power.