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I was following your buddy Jake, hoping to collect a little blood; maybe give him a taste of some voodoo revenge. But then this amazing, massive opportunity presented itself and you know I am a sucker for opportunity.
— Callum, to Melissa and Adam.

Callum is an occasional drug dealer who was interested in Melissa Glaser.


Delivering Devil's Spirit

Callum first appeared introducing himself as a friend of Lee Labeque, asking him for Devil's Spirit and while Lee was out looking for some, Callum had the time to talk about the "non-addictive" drug with Faye Chamberlain, who showed some interest in getting some.[1] Later, when Faye introduced Melissa Glaser to the drug, her friend quickly became addicted, always getting more from Callum, which seemed to have an interest in Melissa.[2] However, Melissa had an overdose of Devil's Spirit on Valentine's Day, after she had too much fun with it along Diana Meade.[3] Some days after, when Melissa felt better, Callum invited Melissa to a party, where he suggested they should have fun with Voodoo. Using a totem, they made a "connection" exercise, but feeling too much energy returning from Melissa, he discovered she was a witch. Then, he got suspicious of Lee's friendship with a bunch of witches, wondering if he was using them in some ways.[4]


Callum returned weeks later, after having called and e-mailed Melissa without answer, trying to apologize for his behaviour at his party. But when Jake Armstrong arrived to protect Melissa, Callum discovered Jake was a witch too, and seemed interested in taking some blood from him, telling some witch's blood worth a lot on the black market. Callum later followed Faye, Cassie and Jake who were heading to Royce Armstrong's. He then broke into the house and stole the map which would lead to the Armstrong Family Crystal , hidden into a mine. However, Adam Conant and Melissa had already arrived and taken the Crystal out of its secret compartment, but even if they tried to fight him off, the mine was filled with iron , which blocked their magic and made them powerless against Callum's gun. He therefore ran away with the Crystal, only to be stopped by Cassie Blake. Finally, the Circle took back the Crystal and marked Callum, so that they would know if he ever comes back to Chance Harbor and know when to kill him.[5]


He got Melissa addicted to Devil's Spirit and appears at first to care for her, but it was a faux. He then tries to steal a crystal from them, only to be stopped by Cassie, and threatened with death. He is manipulative, a good actor, and downright jerk.

Powers and abilities

While Callum was not a witch in the genetic sense, he was by no means truly powerless. As a practitioner of the "Left-Hand Path" of the Voodoo religion, Callum knew of a few magical rituals of his religion and of objects with magical properties to achieve his goals.

He appears to periodically use his totem to increase his energy by getting it from another person, like Melissa Glaser, although as she was a witch Callum recieved far more energy than he expected. As a drug dealer he has consumed Devil Spirit, thus expanding his extrasensory perseption.

He seems to know of efficient methods to deal with witches as shown when stating that witch blood (an essential ingredient to kill witches with cruids) was expensive in the black market. He also knew that Adam and Melissa were powerless in the mine because of the iron sulphate. He is also assumed to have contacts in the supernatural world when he mentioned he could sell the Armstrong family Crystal to someone interested in its magical properties.

He possess some knowledge in the use of firearms too.


Melissa Glaser

Main article: Melissa and Callum

Callum first met Melissa and develop an interest in her. He would give her devil's spirit to take. He invited her to his party and discovered that she is a witch. He saw Melissa again weeks later until their time was cut short by Jake's interference. He went after the crystal that she and Adam have. He asked her to leave with him due to him having feelings for her. He left Chance Harbor and never saw Melissa again.