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The Boatyard Fire occured sixteen years before the third generation circle was formed and is the fire that killed most of the previous circle members. Only a few survived and none of them want to talk about it. In Witness, Cassie Blake was able to view some of the events from that night by accessing Jake Armstrong's memories where she could feel what it was like to be in the fire.


Survived Deceased
John Blackwell (deceased) Catherine Conant
Ethan Conant Elizabeth Meade
Amelia Blake (deceased) Thomas Chamberlain
Charles Meade Sophie Ann Glaser
Dawn Chamberlain Sara Armstrong
Patrick Glaser Richard Armstrong
Jake Armstrong Four witch hunters
Lucy Gibbons (deceased) Unknown male
Eben (deceased)
Heather Barnes (deceased)


The previous Circle, which consisted of twelve teenage witches, were battling witch hunters and demons in Chance Harbor. Upon his arrival, John Blackwell charmed Amelia Blake, thus buying his way into the Circle, believing that he could use them to help harness dark magic for more power, even though their Circle was un-bound. He was using the witch hunter Eben because he wanted to kill all the other witches who didn't have Balcoin blood, seeing his bloodline has the superior race of magic. He also had his own psychic, a young girl named Lucy Gibbons. Amelia and Ethan Conant had been dating and it was foretold that it was their fate to be together. But Blackwell didn't want this to happen because had they pursued their passions, Amelia and Ethan would've run away from the Circle, leaving the Circle powerless. Blackwell lied to Amelia and told her their love was cursed. She eventually had fallen in love with him instead along with many of the other women in the Circle, such as Elizabeth Meade and Dawn Chamberlain. Sara and Richard Armstrong had already had a son, Jake.

Blackwell then cast a spell over the Circle to ensure that all of the women got pregnant by their boyfriends even though most of them were only teenagers. Sara and Richard had another son, Nick. Catherine and Ethan Conant had Adam. Dawn and Thomas Chamberlain had Faye. Amelia had Cassie. But Elizabeth and Charles Meade were going through a rough time and while apart, Elizabeth slept with Blackwell and got pregnant with Diana. Lastly, Sophie Ann and Patrick Glaser had Melissa. Royce Armstrong knew that Blackwell wanted to create a new Circle, with Balcoin blood and dark magic at its root.

When Amelia found out about what Blackwell had done, she was angry and became distant from him. That's when Ethan's father, James Conant, gave her the Conant family Crystal to protect herself. Angry at Blackwell for breaking him and Amelia up, Ethan turned against his own Circle and began working with the witch hunters to kill Blackwell. Blackwell decided a way to fight off the witch hunters and gain more power was to use demons, harnessing their dark magic. This caused conflict within the Circle as some of them thought it to be dangerous.

The witch hunters decided that they wanted a fake truce with the Circle and Blackwell, which was a trick set up by Amelia and Ethan who only wanted Blackwell dead. Amelia along with Patrick, who wasn't present at the boatyard that day either, didn't want any of the other Circle members going, knowing it was a trap, but Blackwell convinced them to go to the Boatyard after school was over that day. Amelia had sought out Elizabeth to warn her against going, but she didn't believe her, seeing that it was her fault for letting Blackwell into the Circle to begin with. Amelia sought council with Mr. Conant, whom she returned the Conant crystal too before deciding to leave town that night with Cassie.

Afterward, Blackwell, Lucy, Thomas, Sophie Ann, Catherine, and Elizabeth arrived at the boatyard early. But it was indeed a trap. With Ethan's magic, the Circle members were caught off guard and had their throat's slit by the witch hunters while Blackwell was dragged away to be executed elsewhere. When Sara and Richard arrived, they found Dawn and Charles leaving, possibly realizing that this might not have been such a good idea after all, unknowing that their Circle members were dead. They also saw Ethan leave as well, after fulfilling his duty to the witch hunters.

Once inside, Richard was instantly killed and Sara and Lucy were taken into the room where Blackwell would be killed. The witch hunter, Eben, was present and lit a pyre that would burn Blackwell alive. But Blackwell, still in possession of the demons he had summoned, along with his medallion, he redirected the flames toward the witch hunters, killing several of them and setting the boat ablaze. Eben was able to escape, though severely burned. Blackwell also dropped his medallion and quickly exited the boat before he would perish in the flames, leaving everyone to believe he died inside. Lucy was able to escape, but Sara was left trapped to suffocate from the smoke.

The demons Blackwell had summoned were still at the Boatyard. Learning about the fire, Amelia went to the boatyard and ended up finding the demons. She tried to protect the rest of her Circle from the demons who wanted to use their power. Also Heather Barnes had come looking for Amelia at the Boatyard, but ended being possessed by the demon, Abaddon, while Amelia was in battle. The demon had also been one the Circle had summoned to gain more power. Amelia used a spell sigil to trap the demon inside of Heather and saved her, thus putting her into a catatonic state that would last sixteen years. Afterward, Dawn tracked Lucy down and was furious for her not predicting the events that had happened and knowing the witch hunter's truce was a set up. She spelled Lucy, making sure that if she ever came to Chance Harbor again, she'd know and deal with her. Afterward, Lucy left town to be never seen again.

The only surviving Circle members were Amelia, Ethan, Dawn, Patrick and Charles. The Elders, angered by the Circle's carelessness and the events that had unfolded with the deaths of their children, they stripped the five of their magic and destroyed it so that they could never use it again. Magic was then outlawed in Chance Harbor and soon it became the role of the Elders to ensure that no one in Chance Harbor knew about or practiced magic again.

Hurt and frustrated, Amelia immediately left Chance Harbor with her newborn daughter, Cassie, making sure she knew nothing about Blackwell, his plans, her family and old life, or magic. The only surviving members from the Original Circle were Amelia and Ethan.