Amelia Blake
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  • Blast injury
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"You have incredible power inside you. People will come for it. They will come for you."
— Amelia to Cassie in a letter. [src]

Amelia Blake was the mother of Cassie Blake, daughter of Jane Blake, ex-girlfriend of John Blackwell, and true love of Ethan Conant. She was also a former member and leader of the Chance Harbor Circle.

Years after leaving Chance Harbor, Amelia was murdered by Charles Meade, forcing her daughter Cassie to move in Chance Harbor to live with her grandmother.

Amelia was a member of the Blake Family.


Early life

Amelia Blake is the first and only child of Jane Blake. Amelia was once a member of the previous generation of the Secret Circle along with Ethan Conant, Catherine Conant, Charles Meade, Elizabeth Meade, Thomas Chamberlain, Dawn Chamberlain, Patrick Glaser, Sophie Ann Glaser, Sara Armstrong, Richard Armstrong and John Blackwell. However, they did not bind their circle, leading to some dangerous consequences.[1]

Amelia, as part of the Blake Family, was said to be destined with Ethan Conant and their fates were said to be "written in the stars". It is apparent she at first defied destiny to be with John Blackwell, with whom she had a child, Cassie Blake. John Blackwell, supposedly afraid of Ethan and Amelia's destiny, told her her love for Ethan was rather a curse than a destiny. However, she must have found John had invented this curse and, at a moment, she had planned to run away with Ethan far away from the Circle.[2] (43).jpg
At the same time, the Circle was suffering from Witch-Hunters' assaults, lead by Eben. While John was willing to summon demons to fight them off, the whole Circle refused and some wanted to make a truce, swearing never to use magic again.[3] But John summoned the demons despite the Circle's decision, and Amelia had to help the Circle defeat them - both the demons and the hunters.[4] Unable to stop them all, her human friend, Heather Barnes, became possessed by Abaddon, and Amelia decided to spell her so that she would cause no harm, placing her into a coma .[5]

In the same time, the truce was revealed to be a trap organized by the Witch Hunters, Amelia and Ethan to kill Blackwell, but the witch hunters took advantage of Ethan's magic and slaughtered most of the members of the Circle.[6] Despite the fact Amelia had tried to warn some of them, like Elizabeth, to prevent them from being killed, they all went to the Boatyard on that night.[7]

After that, Amelia was stripped of her powers by the Elders along the four other surviving members - Dawn, Patrick, Charles and Ethan. She soon left Chance Harbor with her baby, far from her mother, from Ethan and from her memories of what happened.[1]


Cassie and Amelia

Raising Cassie and death

Amelia raised Cassie alone, often moving one place to another to prevent Cassie from facing her destiny. One night, after Cassie called her mother to report a flat tire, Charles Meade began to light matches outside of her home, causing everything to catch flame. Amelia tried to escape, but slipped on a puddle of water, rendering her unconsious. Her body was burned up in the fire, killing her.[8]


Amelia was a loving woman who cared for her family and friends, a trait which she passed to her daughter Cassie. According to her former friend Elizabeth Meade, Amelia was the one who brought John Blackwell into their lives, only seeing the good in him. She trusted him until his lies and deceptions caught up to him. Amelia then could not forgive him for betraying her. Amelia was very protective of her friends and family, as she tried to have John out of their lives for ever, even working with Witch Hunters to accomplish that goal, and tried to warn her friends of the danger of going to the Boatyard. Later consumed by guilt over her fallen circle members, she left Chance Harbor, Washington with Cassie and lived a nomadic life with her daughter until her death. Amelia left Ethan, her true love, and her mother Jane to protect Cassie from witchcraft during all her life, never letting her daughter know who she really was.

Physical appearance

Amelia was a young, tall woman, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Cassie Blake is very similar to her, recognized several times by being Amelia's daughter.


Cassie Blake

Main Article: Cassie and Amelia

Amelia was very close with her daughter Cassie. She tried to protect Cassie from the life she'd soon have to face by keeping magic a secret and staying far from Chance Harbor. In case she would die, she wrote a letter to Cassie to explain her everything.

John Blackwell

Amelia was in love with John and the two conceived their daughter Cassie. If at first she loved him, she soon discovered he had lied to her several times and was fully playing with Dark Magic. She also came to realize that she and the Circle could be manipulated by him. With Ethan, she was planning to take their daughter away and to kill him. Amelia didn't want Cassie to know who she really was and kept John and magic a secret from her until her death.

Jane Blake

Amelia was loved by her mother Jane. After the boayard fire, Amelia left Jane to take Cassie as far away from Chance Harbor and never saw her mother again.

Heather Barnes

Amelia was friends with Heather Barnes along with Zachary Larson while in high school. When Heather became possessed by a demon, Amelia use a spell to put Heather in a coma along with the demon.

Ethan Conant

She and Ethan were written in the stars and were destined to be together. She had feelings for Ethan but John's fake curse scared her. While she ended up with John, Ethan ended up with Catherine, but the two still loved each other. When she learned the truth about John's betrayal, she planned with Ethan to kill John before running away from the Circle and from magic, but with the events of the Boatyard Fire, she had already decided to leave alone. She told James, Ethan's father, to lie to Ethan about her departure, asking him to say she didn't love him anymore, even if it wasn't true.

Elizabeth Meade

She and Elizabeth were friends during their youth and attend the same high school together. Amelia came to warn Elizabeth about the boatyard and told her to leave with Charles and Diana. Amelia knew that Diana is John's daughter like Cassie. Elizabeth blamed her for bringing John into the circle.

James Conant

Amelia was close to Ethan's father James who was her high school teacher. James gave Amelia a crystal though he got it back. James learned from Amelia about having John killed by witch hunters though he didn't like the idea. She told him about John plans for the children of the circle along with his own children. She told him to tell Ethan that she doesn't love him even though its was a lie.


Notes and Trivia

  • Amelia is the first character that was heard in an voiceover and that died in the series.
  • Both Amelia and Cassie were initially afraid of magic, but learned to practice it well.
  • In Balcoin, it is revealed that there is another child of Blackwell within the Circle. In a flashback from Prom, she told Elizabeth she knew Diana was John's daughter, and that he had manipulated them both.
  • Amelia was once friends with Lucy and Heather Barnes. Both of them survived the Boatyard Fire but both died in the episode they were introduced in.
  • Her name was Alexandra in the books. In Greek Mytholgy, Alexandra was a prophet just like Cassandra, who her daughter is named after.
  • In the books, both Cassie and her mother, Alexandra, are alive. Kevin Williamson explained in an interview that her mother was killed to help connect the storyline of Cassie's relation to the Circle.
  • Amelia is the last female from the Original Circle to be killed as Dawn married into the Circle.
  • She was on the student council in high school.

In The Books

  • Her name is Alexandra.