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This article is about the character from the book series.
You may be looking for Adam Conant, a character from the TV series.

Power of tides have I over thee. Power of rain have I over thee.
— Adam invoking his power against Black John [src]

Adam Conant is one of the main characters of The Secret Circle and the soulmate of Cassie Blake. Adam is the only child of Adrian Conant and Elizabeth Conant. A witch and a descendant of the original witches that settled in New Salem, Adam meets Cassie when she saves him from witch hunters and later falls in love with her when he returns to find her initiated in the Circle. Swearing an oath not to betray his love for Diana - Adam's girlfriend and Cassie's best friend - Adam struggles to resist his feelings for Cassie throughout the first three novels, but Diana gives her blessing to allow him and Cassie to be together.

The Initiation

Adam is described as a handsome, good looking guy. They are both instantly attracted to each other when they first meet, in Cape Cod, when Cassie hides Adam from Logan and Jordan Bainbridge, and ultimately saves his life in return for her help he gives her a chalcedony rose.

Physical appearance

Adam was described to be an extremely attractive male: his face was not conventionally handsome, but still arresting and intriguing, with high cheekbones and a determined mouth. His auburn hair was not only red, but comprised of all sorts of colours, with some strands so dark they were almost purple, others like burgundy wine, and others gold. His eyes were blue-grey, like the sea at its most mysterious, and when he smiled, his eyes sparkled like sun glinting off the waves. He was also powerfully-built, with sinewy muscles and long legs.


Adam is described to be sensitive, independent, proud, humorous, quiet, romantic, compassionate and kind-hearted.

Powers and abilities

  • Standard Witch Powers
    • Spell Casting 
    • Witches Brew 
    • Scrying 
  • Telepathy
  • Enhanced Intuition
  • Power over tides and the rain

TV Series

In the TV series, Adam is portrayed by Thomas Dekker. Like his book counterpart, Adam has a strong attraction to Cassie Blake, which is causing trouble in his relationship with Diana. Furthermore, Adam's father claims that they are fated to be together.


  • Adam is commonly compared to two nature gods: Bacchus (due to his wine-red hair) and Herne.
  • Adam has a German Shepherd named Raj.
  • Adam lives at Crowhaven 9