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The thing is, in the blink of an eye, I feel like everything was perfect, but I can't remember that feeling. And I keep trying, but I can't.
— Adam, about his feelings for Cassie [src]

Adam Conant (born January 28, 1995) is a witch and the male protagonist on The Secret Circle. Adam is the son of Ethan Conant and Catherine Conant. Adam is part of the Chance Harbor Circle.

Adam found out about his magic with the help of his girlfriend Diana sometime before Cassie Blake arrived into Chance Harbor, Washington. But as soon as he saw her, the two felt a mutual attraction which led them to grow closer. Always feeling responsible for Cassie, his behavior raised question for Diana, and when Adam's father told her Cassie and Adam's love was meant to be, she broke up with him. After trying to win her trust back, he became more and more confident about his relationship with Cassie and the two officially started to date, until John Blackwell, Cassie's newly returned father, told them their love was a curse more than a destiny.

Adam is a member of the Conant Family.

Early life

Adam was born on January 28, 1990 to Catherine and Ethan Conant, but only grew with his father, because his mother died in the Boatyard Fire sometime after his birth.[1] However, he was really close to his grandfather, James Conant who used to distract him by cloaking and uncloaking objects, as well as telling him stories.[2] At the age of 10, he broke his arm and it was Jane Blake who fixed it.[3] During his teens, Adam began a romantic relationship with Diana Meade which grew stronger and stronger, until Diana found out they were witches that she and Adam were too, in her mother's Book of shadows.[1]

Season One


In Pilot, when Cassie Blake returns to Chance Harbor, Adam and the rest of the circle are eager to see her and to have their circle completed. He first see's her when she arrives at school and the two share lingering stares. He serves her when she later goes to the boathouse. He asks her how her first day was, she sarcastically replies she'll let him know since it isn't over yet. When Cassie's car is set on fire by Faye with Cassie still inside. Adam rushes outside to help her out, using magic to stop the flames. When he's thanked for saving her Diana joins them telling Adam to drive Cassie back to her house. When she starts to question how the fire came to happen, Adam tries to create rational explanations as to why it did. The next day he and the rest of the circle were hanging out in the abandoned house when Diana brings Cassie there. When Cassie storms off after being

Adam teaches Cassie magic.

told she's a witch, Adam follows her into the woods. He tries to comfort her and make her believe the truth. To do so he decides to show her how to use magic. Chanting "A drop of water, as light as air", together they make all the water drops in the forest float. When they lean in to kiss, Cassie pulls away and Adam is left in the forest by himself. He returns to the rest of the circle telling them that he lost control of the magic and with Cassie there they have more power. He and Diana go looking for her. That night he goes to visit her at her house and tells her that what happened in the woods can't happen again before leaving.

The binding ceremony.

In Bound, Adam spends a brief amount of time at the boathouse before going to school. When Cassie, Faye and Melissa make each others beakers explode in Chemistry class, Adam takes the blame, claiming to have wrongfully mixed the solution. When Cassie runs out of the class frightened by how she used her powers, Adam tries to comfort her. He tells her that he can teach her to control her powers. He brings her to the abandoned house. He explains to her how they found out they were witches and they start to talk about the boatyard fire. He tries to teach her control by lighting a lightbulb using only their energy connecting to one another. When Adam does it the light turns on but when Cassie does it the light explodes. He joins Cassie again at the Sea Fair on behalf of Diana to convince Cassie to agree to bind the circle. Later when everyone agreed to bind the circle, Adam picks Cassie up and when she gets in the car a street lamp explodes. When they get to the beach they bind the circle.

In Loner, Adam is asked by his friend Luke to introduce him to Cassie. Although Adam is hesitant at first he eventually caves in and agree's to do it. After Luke introduces himself, it quickly becomes awkward so Adam jets off. After school he works at the boathouse while Cassie and Sally hang out there. He and Cassie share multiple lingering looks before he asks her what she taught of Luke. He also asks her if the two of them will be going to the dance together before leaving to serve more customers. Later that night he joins the rest of the

Adam and Cassie dancing together.

circle at the abandoned house for an emergency meeting. He learns about Cassie's attack and Sally asking questions about what happened at the sea fair. The next night he attends the school dance with Diana. He however ends up dancing with Cassie after Sally pushes them to do so. They're interupted by Diana who tells them about Faye's attack. He and Diana hack the principal's computer to look at Zachary Larson's school record to find out how he knows about witches. They find out from an article that Heather Barnes was a victim of the boatyard fire and Zacharay blames their parents. Since most of their parents are dead, he's taking his revenge out on their circle. When he and the rest of the circle learns Cassie's no where to be seen they go looking for her. Only to find out Zachary is trying to kill her. He tells them that Heather didn't die but that Amelia had done something much worse to her. Together the circle projects Zachary onto the ceiling to get him away from Cassie.

In Heather, Adam volunteers to accompany Cassie to Finn Creek. So they can find out more about what happened to Heather Barnes. After school they go the Finn Creek, where they find Heather's brother Wade. When they enter the house, they realize that Heather is in a catatonic state. All of a sudden when Heather jumps at Cassie and grabs her arm, Adam rushes to help her. Later that night the two return to Cassie's house. Cassie tells him that she's found her book of shadows and that the


symbol on Heather's arm is in it. He's then convinced by Cassie to help Heather wake from her catatonic state. The next day he helps Cassie create the elixir to cast the spell in the abandoned house. Diana walks in and convinces Adam that casting the spell would be a bad idea and that he shouldn't help Cassie, he agrees. Later that night, he's shown by Diana the dangers she found about un-doing the kind of spell that was cast on Heather. He tries to reach Cassie by phone, but Faye answers instead. Not long after Adam and the rest of the circle goes to Cassie's house to watch as Heather's body is taken away after her death. He and Cassie go inside the house to talk about what just happened.

In Slither,

In Wake,

In Masked,

In Beneath,

In Balcoin,

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In Witness,

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Adam is described as a nice, patient and loyal friend by everyone. Adam's maturity when making difficult decisions draws people in. His ability to charm those around him and his utter devotion towards people are other admirable traits. When someone needs help, he is always the first to offer support and guidance. Adam likes to consider himself loyal but when Cassie arrived in Chance Harbor, he felt a undeniable connection towards her and no matter how hard he tried to ignore the spark between them, he felt himself suddenly questioning all of his intentions.

Physical appearance

Adam has dark brown hair and blue-grey eyes with a hint of brown, Sally Matthews commented to Cassie Blake that he has soulful eyes and also Adam is very handsome. Adam is fairly tall standing at 5"8 tall. He is a slim and fair skinned teenager.

Powers and Abilities


Adam has displayed considerable use of magic through the series. He has been capable of setting off fires that were burning through the metal of a car, although that might be linked the fact he has an affinity for Hydrokinesis (even if he didn't set it off with water), open locks and even cause electrical surges. He has also been able to combine his powers with other circle members on several occasions, such as when they tossed around Zachary Larson through the halls of the school or when he lead the attack on Eben by piercing him with a branch he threw at lethal velocity.

At the beginning of the series he used his magic mainly to tutor Cassie on how to use her magic through such spells as levitating water droplets and lighting a bulb. Adam is often the one leading a spell showing considerable knowledge of spells and magic.

It should be noted that, while Adam couldn't use his individual power for as long as the Circle was bound, whenever he combined his power with someone the results seemed more powerful when he was extremely determined in getting the job done and/or protecting someone, thus giving more credibility to Jake's theory that strong emotions can fuel the power of witches.

He also inherited his grandfather's affinity for cloaking spells.

  • Channeling: The act of drawing or summoning other forms of energy, by focusing on the magic of another witch.
  • Conjuration: The act of calling, commanding, or summoning an element, object, person, or spirit already in existence.
  • Elemental Control: The act of controlling or manipulating the elements of air, earth, fire, water, and weather. Though not proven false or accurate, witches are believed to possess an unique affinity to particular elements which grants them greater mastery and control when performing.
  • Spell Casting: The act of changing and controlling events by magical influence. Spells are the most common method exerted by witches to focus their magic. Spells can range from simple commands to a series of words.
  • Telekinesis: The act of controlling and manipulating the movements of objects and persons.
  • Witches Brew: The act of brewing and concocting magical elixirs and potions that contain mystical properties.


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Ethan Conant

Main article: Adam and Ethan
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Adam has a good relationship with his father. He would hear about how he was meant to be Amelia and that it's his destiny to be with Amelia's daughter Cassie. He was disappointed with his father because he and Diana broke up because of what he said about Adam and Cassie. Adam eventually forgave him and would talk to him about his feelings for Cassie. Ethan would encourge Adam to have a better life so he wouldn't end up like him.

Cassie Blake

Main article: Adam and Cassie

Adam and Cassie's love is written in the stars. They've shared an intense connection from the first moment they met, but both tried to avoid it in order to protect Diana. However, after he and Diana broke up, the two slowly grew closer, and kissed after the School gym burned, in the Abandoned House. During Valentine's Day, the two officially started to date. When they first had sex, they supposedly activated a curse, which would generate the death of one of their fellow Circle member. To save Jake, Cassie and Adam agreed to drink an elixir that would make them forget about their love.

Diana Meade

Main article: Adam and Diana

Adam and his then girlfriend, Diana.

Adam was in a three year long relationship with Diana which was perfectly growing stronger until Cassie Blake moved in Chance Harbor. When Adam's father told her it was Adam and Cassie's destiny to be together, and seing how they were getting closer, Diana broke up with him. If at first, Adam tried to win her trust back, he soon gave up and tried to reach Cassie's heart. They remained close friends nevertheless, yet they often seemed jealous of each other's new relationships.

Other Relationships



  • In Hebrew, this is a generic word for "man" and is not used as a name.
  • The meanings of Adam are "the first man", "man", "earth" and "to be red".
  • It is also associated with "adama" (which means earth), from which God was supposed to have made the first humans.
  • According to the Bible, Adam and Eve were the first humans and lived in the Garden of Eden until the original sin.
  • St. Adam is the patron saint of gardeners.


Adam to Cassie: "You are one of us Cassie, I can't tell you what to do, but just know you're not alone."
- In Pilot

Adam to Diana: "Not if cooks are judged on effort and adorableness."
- In Slither

Adam to Jake: "I don't give a damn about your blocked memories, you took her there now get her the hell out!"
- In Witness

Notes and Trivia

  • Adam was born sometime between January 1st and Feburary 14th, having his birthday celebrated before the events of Valentine. This is confirmed in Crystal, when Adam's birthdate is revealed as January 28, 1995 on Royce Armstrong's conspiracy wall.
  • Adam is the only original male coven member, since Nick's death.
  • Adam had a romantic relationship with both daughters of John Blackwell.
  • Adam at first hated the idea of Jake Armstrong joining the Circle, but has now learned to get along with him and has accepted him as a member of his Circle.
  • Adam had dance with all the Secret Circle's female members except Faye.
  • Both Adam and Cassie were born on the day of 28th: the only difference is Adam is two months older.
  • He possibly has a crush on Melissa Glaser: this relationship should have been further developed in the course of the second season according to Andrew Miller.
  • His zodiac sign is Aquarius (January 21 - February 21). Aquarius's symbol is the water-bearer, its element is air, and its ruling planet is Saturn/Uranus.